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Starship Compound Cut Pattern

I've been experimenting with compound cutting to see what kind of objects I can get.  This one is a side view of a starship from space.  It's about 6" long.  I cut mine from pine (a block cut from a 2 x 4}.  The pattern splits 1.5" x 1.5".  If you have not done any compound cutting check out my video channel for some help.  There are lots of other videos on YouTube that will get you started.  Once you see the magic of the the object falling out of the center of the block of wood, you will be hooked.

Download the free PDF Pattern

Woodworker In Residence Wall Sign Pattern

Here's a nice little sign you might like to cut for yourself.  Makes a nice hanging sign, but it can also be used as a wall or door sign.  Might also make a nice gift for a woodworking friend.  It's about 10" wide and about 8" tall.  I cut mine from a scrap piece of 1/2" plywood and added a plane cut from Padauk.  I made a brief video showing some of the process I used in designing and making this sign.  You can view it on my YouTube channel
Download the free PDF Pattern
Keeping My Distance Table Sign Pattern

So this is where we are.  Having to avoid each other because of Covid-19.  Well, we all have to try to be safe so I guess for a while we'll have to keep our distance with maybe an elbow bump once in a while.  Here's a sign as a reminder.  I cut mine from oak plywood and mounted it on the off cut for a base.  I can only wonder if someone generations from now happens upon this message what he/she will think.

Download this free PDF pattern

Easter Puzzle Pattern

Here's the bunny himself sitting on top of Easter munching on a long carrot.  Might make a fun project for some youngster (or oldster).

Download the free PDF pattern

Boxing Table Sign Pattern

Here's a little sign for the boxing fans.  I cut mine from oak plywood and mounted it on a custom improvised base of spalted maple.  Might make a good project for back lighting.

Download this free PDF pattern

Bunny Pencil Topper (Compound Cut Project)

Since Easter is coming and most of us are trapped in our social distancing environments, I thought it might be fun to experiment with a bunny pencil topper.  I designed the head so that it can be compound cut on the scroll saw.  I did mine on a 1.5 x 1.5 x 3" block cut from a 2 x 4.  This soft pine is easy to cut using a #4 skip tooth blade.  After you cut your block, x out a center on the end and drill a 5/16" hole about an inch into the block on the end.  This will be the hole in the head for the pencil.  Now you can do a plain ol' compound cut.  If you are new to compound cutting check out my Spinner video on YouTube

Download the Free PDF pattern

Floating Bear Puzzle Board Pattern and Video

Well, if you are cooped up with little kids you are probably looking for things for them to do.  Here's a little project I came up with that you might enjoy cutting on your scroll saw for your kids or grand kids.  It's easy, it's fun, and it's a bit educational for the young ones.  I call it Floating Bears.  It's sort of a puzzle board.  The child must be able to fit all of the bears in their appropriate slots (without stomping on them to make them fit.).  Each bear is a bit different, so the board offers a challenge.  To make it interesting you might want to time the contest and make it a game.  The bears can be left with their white pattern paper so that the kids can color them, name them, or draw on them.    I cut mine from MDF, but you could also use birch plywood.  I've even made a short video to see how this thing is cut out on the scroll saw and put together.  You can view the video here on YouTube.  Time to have some fun.  Download this free PDF pattern.
Square Spinner (top) Compound Cut Pattern

Here's another fun project you can do for your kids or your grandkids.  I've come up with a simple pattern that you can compound cut from various woods (I used a section from a 2 x 4).  After you cut this you will have a little top or spinner that works pretty good.  I also cut some from purple heart and torrified ash.  I've even made a little video to go along with the pattern here.  You can see how I set up the pattern for cutting and how you can cut this little toy on the scroll saw.  The video is here on YouTube.

You can download the free PDF pattern here

Large Butterfly Puzzle Pattern

Who likes doing large puzzles?  You know, the kind with lots of little tiny pieces.  Well this might be for you. It will take a bit of time to cut out.  Use 1/8" or 1/4" baltic birch ply to make your job easier.  The real fun begins when you try to put it together.

Download this free PDF pattern

Penny Shooter Project Pattern

Here's a fun little project you might like to cut for the kids, or maybe even have them help you make it.  This is based on cardboard paper shooter I saw on the internet.  I sort of redesigned it and cut it mainly out of birch plywood.  It's fairly easy to make, took me about an hour.  The pattern plan shows how it goes together after you cut out 5 or 6 pieces.  It then forms a harmless shooter in which you can insert a penny and shoot it out the front of the shooter.  It's powered by rubber bands, no batteries required.  I've also made a short video demonstrating how it looks when finished and how it works.  You can view this video on YouTube.  Click here.

Download the free Pattern/Plan in PDF

Chihuahuas Interlocking Puzzle Pattern

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, and is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.  It is a rather cut little dog, but in my experience can be quite feisty.  In any event, if you are looking for something to do here's a nice little puzzle of six Chihuahuas.  Makes a nice display piece for dog lovers as well as an easy puzzle to put together on a rainy day.  I cut mine from 3/4" pine and painted them white so they could stand up on a shelf.

Download this free PDF pattern

Little Dancer Table Sign Pattern

Learning to dance has been a passage of youth in America, and here's a little sign for a little dancer, of which there are many.  I cut mine from oak and cut an improvised base from cherry, which seemed to have made a nice combination.  

Download this free PDF pattern

I've got a little video on YouTube on working with bases to break the ordinary trend of just using an oval, circle, or rectangle base.  Click here if you want to check it out.

Ace Mechanic Table Sign

Ok, your car breaks down and the only thing you know about checking your car is kicking the tires.  Who ya gonna call?  The mechanic, I suppose.  You better hope he's an ace.  If you have a good mechanic you know, this might be a nice gift to give him.  I cut mine from oak and made a similar wood custom cut base.

Download this free PDF pattern

Paw Puzzle Pattern

There's nothing like a puzzle to keep the mind busy.  Here's fun little puzzle I'm sure your dog will appreciate.  The Paw Puzzle can be cut as a flat puzzle using 1/4" birch ply, or if you want to go thicker, you can make it as a stand up puzzle out of 3/4" wood.  In any event I'm sure your Paw Patrol followers will love doing it.

Download the free PDF pattern

The Funny Facer Patterns (Template for Young Children Drawing)

With the kids being kept inside with the rest of us I thought it might be helpful to make some projects that will keep them entertained and at the same time help educate them.  "The Funny Facer" will call upon your child's (or grand child's) imagination and motor skills.  It's good for all ages, of course, even the young child in you.  

With The Funny Face you can draw six different face figures which can then be embellished upon by free hand drawing or by using the mini template included, to draw eyes, nose, and mouth.  Actually you can draw anything you want after you have the basic head shape done.  Might be some fun.  To show you how to use this simple template, I've also put together a short video you might like to watch on YouTube.  Rev up your scroll saw and cut out "The Funny Facer."

Download this free PDF pattern

U.S. Army Military Police Desk Pattern

Military police (MP) are law enforcement agencies connected with, or part of, the military of a state. ... A section of the military responsible for policing the areas of responsibility of the armed forces (referred to as provosts) against all criminal activity by military or civilian personnel.

Perhaps you know of someone who would welcome this sign as one of respect.  I cut mine from sapeli and mounted it on a custom cut base of cherry.
Download this free PDF pattern

The Number Kids (Children Fun) Pattern

Each character in this set represents a basic number 0 -9.  Kids might enjoy using their imaginations to play with them for fun and at the same time become familiar with numbers.  They can also set them up in combinations to learn bigger numbers.  Might be a fun project to use with small kids during their forced isolation
Download this free set of PDF patterns

Wash Your Hands 2020 Shelf Sign Pattern

And now a word from the CDC: "Wash Your Hands!"  How many times have we heard this lately?  A lot, but it is good advice.  Maybe if you have a nice little sign in your lav it will get results.  Here's a nice wood cut that might do the job.  I cut mine from a piece of scrap oak veneered plywood 1/4".  It stands about  5" tall and about 7" long.  I mounted it on a strip of mahogany to accent the wood and it came out pretty good.

Download this free PDF pattern.  

Cupid's Arrow Love Table Sign Pattern

Legend has it that if you are struck by Cupid's arrow you will fall deeply in love.  Hopefully you will love this sign which sports the bow and arrow and the word LOVE.  Might make a nice gift for a loved one.

I cut mine from curly maple  and improvised an interesting base from the off cut.

Download this free PDF pattern

Lean On Me Table Sign

Everybody needs somebody (or some thing) to lean on.  Here's a little table sign that sort of makes use of that popular phrase.  I cut mine from a piece of 1/4" poplar and as usual I cut an improvised base, using the off cut from the project.  Came out pretty good.  I'm sure you can do much better.

Download this free PDF pattern

Multi-Frame Display Project Pattern
This is a little project you might like to make.  I have two patterns in the pattern book: one for a Little Dancer (shown) and one for a Golf Pro, which can be cut on your scroll saw from 1/4" plywood.  I used some scrap I had.  You could make others on various themes if you have the inclination.  The final result is a little box with layered frames which give a 3D effect.  I also lit the box with a free flashlight I picked up at Harbor Freight.  I think these are offered in all their million ads being circulated.  I was able to get different colored effects by using blue, green, or yellow painters tape for a flashlight cover.  Also better filters the light.  If you use this don't leave the light on too long.  Not sure if there is a build up of heat that could burn the tape.  The pattern book has the two patterns you'll need and a sketchy plan for the box and some images of my build.  If you study the patterns you'll get the idea.
Download the free PDF Pattern
National Guard Table Sign Pattern

The United States National Guard is part of the reserve components of the United States Armed Forces.  Their motto is: "Always Ready, Always There!"
This sign commemorates the organization and would probably make a nice gift for any members you might know.

I cut mine from polar and as usual mounted it on the off cut for a base.

Download this free PDF Pattern

Swifty Pattern

Here's a little project you might want to work on for the kids.  It's SWIFTY the SUPER WOODEN INCREDIBLY FAST TRAVELING YEASTERBUNNY.  Ok, so I went a little far on the name.  But this easy to make project will thrill the little ones with the way he glides along.  I cut mine from 1/2" plywood.  You can cut the wheels on the scroll saw, but I found it easier to cut them with a 3" hole saw and then use the scroll saw to cut the eggs on the wheels.  The hole saw will also give you a nice 1/4" center on the wheels to insert and glue a dowel (about 3 1/2" long for each set of wheels).  Needed something to keep Swifty centered so I used little straps cut from duct tape.  In the pattern book I show some pictures of how it was assembled and there is also an alternate set of wheels which can be cut easier as well.  Also put up a short video on YouTube showing SWIFTY in action. Have some fun and let me know how it goes.

Download this free PDF pattern

U. S. Army Combat Medic Plaque

Someone sent me an email requesting a Combat Medic plaque pattern.  Don't know who it was because no name was left, but I thought I'd work up something for this truly important branch of the service.  I cut the shield from Sapele, about 1/2" thick.  I didn't use a backer board because it looks ok when resting against a wall as shown.  I cut the caduceus with a cross at the peak from cherry wood.  I then glued the caduceus to the main shield on center.  Also rounded over the edges of the shield and sprayed the whole project with clear satin spray.  Hopefully the person who requested this will see it.

Download the free PDF pattern

He Is Risen Table Sign Pattern (Easter)

With Easter coming there is a demand for Easter related signs, Religious and otherwise.  I guess you would call this a religious sign.  I wanted something different, so I added the clouds with just a suggestion of the cross covering the top and a dove flying over.  I cut mine from poplar which had a nice grain in it and used the off cut for the base.

Download this free PDF pattern

One With Karate Table Sign

Lots of youngsters are studying the art of Karate not just to weaponize themselves but to understand what it is all about.  As Mr. Miagi says: “Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better.” This sort of suggested this sign for me.  You have to be fully immersed in the art in order to understand and use it fully.  I cut mine from a nice piece os poplar and used the off cut to make the base. If you are not familiar with my method of improvising bases, you can check out a short video where I touch upon this subject.

Download this free PDF Pattern
To Boldly Go Table Sign Pattern

This is for the space fans.  I took the famous quote and cut it as a sign, adding the badge logo on the left.  It added something to the sign but it also helps to reinforce the GO up above.  As I was cutting the sign I decided to try a little experiment (as I usually like to do).  I finished the lettering and then stressed the sign by rubbing it against the end of my bench sander as it spun around.  With some practice you can do this with other signs, too, I'm sure.  It gives the lettering some texture which is kind of interesting.  I cut the sign from poplar, but I cut the ship from cherry, and stressed that also.  Seems to look pretty good and gives the sign a new twist.  I cut a slab from a piece of 2 x4 down to 1/2" thick, sanded it and rounded the edges on the sanding mop and then stained it with a chestnut stain.  Some 2 x 4's have a nice grain inside as this one did.  Don't be afraid to experiment, and go boldly where no man has been before.

Download this free PDF Pattern

Spoon Bunny Puzzle Pattern

You've heard of the Smith Brothers, The Blues Brothers, and no doubt the Booth Brothers, but here we have the Spoon Bunny Brothers -- all three of them.  Yup! Just waiting to be put together for Easter.  They are called the spoon brothers because the key locks look like little spoons.  You can make some young child's day by cutting this as a present.  I cut mine from 1" poplar.  It stands about 6" tall.  In hindsight I think I would now use maybe 3/4" wood and make the puzzle a bit taller, maybe 8 - 10".  But that's up to you.  I put a base on it, but they should stand just as well without it.

Download this Free PDF Pattern

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Count Up To Spring Flower Pattern

Here's a fun project if you have little kids around (maybe even for yourself).  This is a flower that can be slowly put together as Spring approaches.  This year (2020) Spring starts on March 19.  So if you want to raise anticipation for this great day, you can have your child put one piece of the puzzle together each day.  There are 10 pieces so this year you would start on March 10.  You could start with any of the flower petals or the leaves.  Your choice.  On the 19th you should have a completed potted flower.  The flower disassembles (even the base) for packing away for next year.  I cut mine from 3/4" pine and the base from poplar.  I didn't paint it, but it might be a stunning piece if painted different colors.  Again, your choice.  To get the pot to stand up on the base I put a 1/4" dowel in the base sticking up about an inch and drilled a 1/4" hole in the bottom of the pot.  Hey! Maybe this could start a new tradition -- A Count Up To SPRING!!

Download the free PDF Pattern

Guitar A La Mode Sign Pattern

Guitar players are a strange breed.  They can never have too many guitars.  They call their collection a Guitarsinal.  Ok, so here's a sign for them.  You can have your guitar any way you like the four necks represent different kinds of guitar all extending from one body.  Try playing that one.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and used the off cut for a base, with some modification.


Download this Free PDF pattern

Basket Bunny Easter Candy Dish

The Easter holiday will be rolling in soon and I'm sure you would like to have some projects to cut.  Well, here's one you might enjoy: The Basket Bunny.  The pattern has the background ornament for cutting and the bunny head to be used as a dish.  You can use whatever kind of base you like.  I just used an oval.  The dish part was cut from 3/4" pine and glued down to the base.  The ornament was cut from 1/2" plywood and also glued to the back of the base.  Makes a fun little display kids might like, especially if you put some candy in the bunny dish.

Download this free PDF pattern

Let's Eat Table Sign Pattern

Healthy dogs and cats love to eat, so why not have a sign for them.  This has a little dog and cat just anxiously awaiting supper time.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and use the off cut to make a base for it.

Download this free PDF pattern

Enthrall Yourself (Reading) Sign Pattern

Reading books is a wonderful pastime that is rapidly dwindling.  This sign offers encouragement.  Hopefully some youngsters will pick up book for the first time and enthrall themselves.  I cut my sign from some scrap plywood from and old drawer.  

Download this free PDF pattern

Simple Stool Puzzle Pattern

Ok, this is real easy to cut and probably to put together.  I offer it just to lead you to my new video on YouTube.  I bought a new shop stool made by DeWalt that I really like.  After sitting on a hard wooden stool (like the one in the puzzle) for many years this new cushioned seat is a big difference.  This is not a sponsored video.  I paid for it myself and am only offering my opinions.  I did it as an unboxing video thinking it would be a major project, but it turned out to be quite easy.  If you need a new stool for your shop, check it out.

Download the free PDF Pattern

Check out the Stool Unboxing Video on You Tube

Father's Day DAD MVP Table Sign Pattern

What is more American than Father's Day and Baseball.  Well here's a little sign in case you are thinking of these.  I cut all of this from plain ol' pine -- had a piece with no knots, but it probably would be ok if it did have a few.  DAD is a nice easy bold cut on the scroll saw.  I added a 3D baseball bat which I compound cut from a 1.5" x 1.5" x 8" block cut from a 2 x 4.  The pattern book has the DAD pattern and the second page is the bat pattern for compound cutting.  If you haven't done any compound cutting it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.  You can check out my YouTube video on cutting mini vases using this method, in case you are not familiar with it.
Download this free PDF pattern
Watch The Water Table Sign Pattern (Compound Cuts)

Here's a nice little sign for an aquaholic. It has a mini canoe and a mini kayak framing the slogan Watch The Water.  The text of the sign is cut straight forward, but I experimented with the canoe and the kayak, using the compound method of cutting from 1.5 x 1.5 x 6" block of wood.  Similar to the bat for the father's day sign.  You could just cut out an image of each of the boats, but I thought this would be more interesting.  The details for cutting the 3d objects is in the pattern book here.

By the way did you know that Kayak is a palindrome?

Download this free PDF pattern

Love My Mom Table Sign Pattern

Mother's Day will be coming up soon, but this sign might just make the perfect gift for mom any day of the week.  I used the Maiandra Font for the big letters and inserted the "love my" in lower case Vivaldi Italic, a rather classic looking font with flair.  I cut the piece from 1/4" maple and, of course, used the cut off for a base.  Not only makes use of the extra wood but gives it a bit of personality.  I might mention here, that when I use the cut off for a base I don't just plunk it down and glue the sign to the top.  It has to be reworked a little.  I round off the corners for example and trim any loose pieces; give it a good sanding and then use my router to round over all of the edges as much as possible.  If you haven't tried this, give it a whirl.  I think you will be happy with it.

Download this free PDF pattern

Mallet Menagerie Puzzle Pattern

Here's a fun little puzzle you might like trying to cut on your scroll saw.  It's a bunch of mallets that seem to have come together to for one big mess.  You cut this as a flat puzzle, but it might make an interesting display cut from 1/2" to 3/4" wood and stood up.

Download this free PDF pattern

Let's Jig Table Sign Pattern

The Irish Jig is widely accepted as Irish in origin and was likely to have originated from an Irish Clan marching tune.  Even Queen Elizabeth I took quite a fancy to it.  I only mention this so that you don't confuse this with the modern jig saw, which was only invented in 1947.
Anyways, my sign was cut from a nice piece of maple that had two shades of color in the grain.  The cut worked out pretty good.  I mounted it on a piece of oak that was joined together from two cuts.  Here's the pattern, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Download this free PDF pattern

Irish Heart/Knot Pin

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner it is always nice to have a different kind of wood project available to work on.  Here's one for your scroll saw that might prove enjoyable, and even profitable if you work the craft shows.  This is a heart pin cut from wood, but the center is made from a Celtic knot.  Kind of unusual and cute.  You can cut the pin from some of your scrap wood, it is so small.  You'll need a way to attach the pin to clothing, so pick up some of those tac pins (available on Amazon and at Michaels Craft Stores).  A touch of CA glue will fasten the tac to the back of the pin.  I've also made up a paper backing card you can use if you are going to sell these pins.  I've got a link to those below.

Download this free PDF pattern of the Pin

Download the Backing Display Card for the Pin

Seagull Flat Puzzle (31 Pieces) Pattern

Seagulls are representation of freedom, independence and unique character. Many sailors also tattoo this symbol on their bodies as a reminder of their sailing days. These beautiful birds are also symbols for adventure and inconstancy in action.  If you have ever been down to the sea when a fishing vessel is coming in you've seen the birds surround the boat in mass.  Here's a fun puzzle of the seagull.  I cut mine from 1/2" plywood.  It is meant to lay flat but could also be done as a stand up from thicker wood.  Make sure you drill the hole for the eye in one of the keys, it makes all the difference in the final look.

Download this free PDF pattern

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Seagull Circle Sculpture Pattern

Definition of Sculpture: the art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood ....  Well I guess this is an example of sculpture in wood.  Though I would experiment with my belt sander as a shaper of wood.  So I cut out this pattern and randomly pressed it against the moving sanding belt where it cures under and it came out pretty good.  What once were two dimensional seagulls took on a moving shape.  After I finished rubbing in the shapes I smoothed all out on my sanding mop.  Ok.  I'm no Michelangelo, but it didn't come out too bad.  Might try experimenting with more of this.  If you try it, be careful using the belt sander.  Use short sleeves and watch your fingers.  Work carefully.  And let me see what you've done.

Download this free PDF pattern

Fireball Soccer Table Sign Pattern

Ok.  Soccer (football) has become quite popular, but did you know that the Indonesians have taken it a step further to make it an extreme sport.  Here's a little blurb on it: Fireball Soccer is game of football (soccer) except the ball is on fire! ... The ball is made from a coconut from a palm tree soaked in kerosene. Some say they bathe the coconut ball for a week, while others say just 30 minutes so the fireball will burn for the duration of the game.

So, like it or not here's a little sign announcing this unusual sport.  I'm showing it in Koa, but maybe it would be nice done in Padauk.  Download the free PDF pattern

Colonial Tavern Pipe Ornament Pattern

The long stemmed Colonial Tavern Pipe was used in America in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The long stem was useful when the pipe was made available in a pub or tavern for patrons to use, since the end of the pipe could be snapped off to provide a clean mouthpiece for different smokers.

Well, if you are an antique shopper you have probably seen these pipes in the old shops.  Today they are used mostly for ornamentation along with other antiques.  They make a nice wall or table decoration, especially if you have them in sets. 

My colonial pipe is only an ornament.  Don't plan on smoking it.  Although if you wanted to work on it you could probably drill a hole down the stem and open the bowl.  I got the idea that maybe this would be a fun project as a compound cut on the scroll saw, so here it is.  I used a  1" x 1" x 14" blank.  You could make it shorter or longer if you want to experiment.  Some of historic pipes have an arch in them, so I used this option here.  

Download the free PDF pattern here

Running Wild Board Game Pattern

Came up with this idea for a board game that can be cut on the scroll saw while I was making some puzzles.  It's not difficult to make or play, but it might prove a lot of fun for some young people you know.  It is a bit of a challenge when you first play it.  Basically, you have to place the little bubble guys in their proper slots in as short a time as possible.  I've got a pattern and instructions for building and playing the game in the pattern sheet offered here, but to explain how I made it and how to play it, I also created a short video you might want to look at before making this.

Watch The YouTube Video on Running Wild

Download the free PDF pattern for Running Wild


Gone Fishin' Table Sign

Picture a lazy afternoon with the sun out and the warm breezes wafting over the lake, the ripple of a brook, or the kaplunk sound of your lure dropping in the water.  This guy didn't dream about it he just took off, leaving his office chair behind and using his new pole to catch that  He even left a sign for you to cut on your scroll saw: Gone Fishin.

I cut mine from maple and mounted it on a base from the off cut.  Might make a nice gift for someone you know who just can't stop fishing.

Download this free PDF pattern

Get Out And Vote Sign Pattern

I understand there's an election going on right now, and some big one's coming up.  Well, here's a sign that might help light a fire under the populace to GET OUT AND VOTE.  You hear it all the time: If you don't like it GET OUT AND VOTE.  Might make a good sign to drop off at the town clerk's office to inspire people.  They will probably appreciate your donation.  I'm sure this sign won't change the world, but it will be fun to cut on the scroll saw.  I cut mine out of some 1/2" plywood and mounted it on a custom improvised base of pine.

Download this free PDF pattern

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Play Music

Maybe a little more music might cure the tensions in the world.  So indicates this table sign.  The heads of the guitars have the famous Japanese proverb on them, along with a couple of musical notes and the sign is capped off with the plea....PLAY MUSIC.  Well, maybe it would be a better world if more people did scroll sawing.  I cut my sign from 1/2" plywood (the kind with a nice veneer on it) and mounted it on a rectangular base of pine.  Might make a nice novelty sign for a Guitar player.

Download this free PDF pattern

Large Wall Key Pattern

Staying with the key theme from last time I decided to experiment a bit.  I blew up the key from the sign as a stand alone pattern and printed it out on legal sized paper 8.5 x 14"  Most printers will do this, even if the tray is not geared length wise.  Just slide the paper in and it will catch when it starts printing.  The width is standard anyways.  
I cut my key from 3/4" pine and then I used my belt sander to give it some texture.  I just took the key and rubbed it here and there while the belt was spinning to give the key shape and a stressed look.  If you decide to try this, make sure you have short sleeves on (don't want to get caught up in all that spinning), and be careful where you put your hands and fingers (I've had a quick manicure done to my nails a couple of times because I wasn't paying attention).  Of course you can just leave it as is, if you are not secure about the sander, and use hand sanding instead.  When I finished I sprayed it with a black satin finish.  This can be hung on a couple of small black nails extending from the wall position.  Or you can use it as a stand up sign.

Download this free PDF pattern

Sword In the Stone Pattern and Tutorial

Young kids enjoy a good story about magic and wizardry and this little project will help light up their eyes when you tell them the story of King Arthur and Excalibur (you can Google this if you are not familiar with it).  In a nutshell Arthur became King because he was the only one who was able to pull the sword, Excalibur, from the rock.  

Well, you can make this imitation rock and sword to demonstrate the story, using your scroll saw.  You will need some 1/4" birch ply, glue and a lot of enthusiasm, but it is really not that difficult.

I have the pattern here, but it needs some explanation on assembly so I put together a little video on YouTube to help you.

Once you have the project assembled you can drop in the sword and remove it easily, but you might want to put in a little retractable nail through the back of the rock and into the sword to make it impossible to remove, until you get to that part of the story.  Hope you enjoy this.

Download this free PDF pattern

Toothpick Urn Pattern

Ok, let's have some more compound cutting fun.  This is a simple project and produces a little holder for your toothpicks, assuming you have any that need holding.  This requires a block 1.5 x 1.5 x 6".  Don't actually need 6" but I like to have enough to hold onto at each end when I'm cutting.

You'll need a hole down the center of this block, and you can do this with a 1/2" forstner bit, before you make any cuts.  I went down about 2/3 rds of the way.  Use a skip tooth or crown tooth blade to cut this.  I also used a piece of wood cut from a 2 x 4 (nothing fancy).  I like the variety of grains that pop out of the center of a 2 x 4.

Download this free PDF pattern

My Key To Success Wall Key Holder

I originally started this as just a sign, then changed it to a wall hanging, and then saw the value of it as a key rack or holder.  If you are in and out a lot and want to keep your keys readily available, something like this might come in handy, placed by the exit door.  This can be hung by using a couple of small screws through the top of each lock plate on the sides.

I cut mine from 1/4" birch plywood, sanded it and painted it black.  I had some small gold brads, so I used those as the hangers.  Alternately you could put some pegs in their places.

Hope you like working with this simple project.

Download the free PDF pattern

America (Presidents Day) Sign Pattern

Presidents Day is recognized as part of February and honors our two greatest Presidents: Lincoln who saved the nation in dire times and Washington who made Lincoln's work possible.  This sign honors both and would make a good display piece.  It is a bit tricky on the star/flag cutout at the base of each President.  You could use a really small drill to punch out the simulated stars, instead of trying to cut them exactly.  

Download this free PDF pattern

Top Archer Table Sign Pattern

Modern darts was invented by a carpenter from Lancashire named Brian Gamlin in 1896. However the history goes back much farther. Darts began as a military pastime originating in England during the medieval era in the first couple of decades of the fourteenth century.  And it is still popular today, especially in bar rooms around the world.  I thought it was kind of interesting that the person throwing the darts in a game is referred to as the ARCHER.  So that is where the name came up for the sign.  I cut my sign from maple and used the off cut for the base of the sign.  I also tinkered with the idea of making a 3D dart using compound cutting.  It took me a while, but I finally came up with a pattern I liked, so I decided to incorporate it into the sign.  The dart was cut from part of a 2 x 4 cut to size.  After cutting the dart I sanded it and drill a hole in the sign base, part way, at a slight angle and glued the dart there.  The whole thing was given several coats of satin clear spray.  In the pattern I give you the sign and the pattern for the dart, in case you want to play around with it.  If you don't know how to compound cut or would like some tips, check out my video on YouTube on how to make miniature vases compound cutting.

Download the free PDF pattern.

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Big-Eyed Scissor Holder Pattern

This fella's got a good body but his head seems to be nothing to look at.  Look at those eyes.  Ok, so much for the nonsense.  Here's a kind of goofy scissor holder you can use to keep track of those cutters you are always looking for.  I use a cheap pair of scissors I picked up at the Dollar Store, but I'm sure you can make it fit just about any type.  I've included a printed tutorial on how to put this thing together.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply, since the scissors are rather thin.  You might want to use 1/2" for the center if you are using bigger scissors.

Download the free PDF pattern

Respect Table Sign Pattern

In 1967 Aretha Franklin asked for R-E-S-P-E-C-T in her song and since then everybody is hoping the next generation would have a little bit of it that is recognizable.  Well, now you can have RESPECT and put it right on your desk top for everyone to see.  I cut mine from a piece of 1/2" birch ply and used the off cut for a base (with some modification, of course).  I thought a backer might prove helpful, so I took a piece of MDF and shaped it, painted it a dark red and glued it to the back of the base.  I think it makes the letters (which are cut with accent markings). along with the flaming torches, jump out at you.  Well, that's what you got this time around.  Hey!  Let's have some respect here. ;)

Check out my MISCELLANEOUS PAGE for some unusual projects.

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Download the free PDF pattern (you are on your own for the backing)

First Communion Wall Plaque

Here's a little project you can sink your blade into.  There are four basic parts: the text, stars, cross, children.  Signs like these are usually very popular among parents and grand parents.  I cut this from 1/4" birch pine and made a backing board from MDF painted a nice spring green.  In the pattern I only have the front cutout areas. The backing board was made by drawing an outline around the front after it is cut out.  The two were late glued together and I used my disk sander to go all around the perimeter to bring the top to match the bottom.  Hope you like working with it.  You can check out some other communion and religious patterns on my Religion Page by clicking here.

Download this free PDF pattern

Spring Flower Outline Sign Pattern

"Spring Is In the Air"...Ok, not quite yet, but here's a rather springy sign you might like to cut for a table display.  It's a fairly easy sign to cut, but the flowers might be a bit tricky, if you are new to scroll sawing.  You have to be sure to leave enough wood where the lines intersect, otherwise the flowers become very breakable.  I cut mine out of 1/2" birch plywood and made a custom improvised base out of pine for the base.  The entire project was sprayed with a clear spray (2 coats) to make it nice and smooth.  Before spraying, make sure you round over the edges by giving it a good sanding.

Download this free PDF pattern

Dragons Table Sign Pattern

The name dragon is derived from the Latin word 'draconem' which means 'huge serpent', so it isn't so odd that this dragon has the body of a serpent.  I was experimenting with this sign.  Instead of using regular wood choices, I cut the sign from 1/2" MDF.  Not the greatest stuff for working with signs.  It made the top of the wings a bit flimsy.  I then decided to paint it differently, so I used some silver speckled paint and didn't use a base, since it can stand up pretty good on the attached base.  This would probably make a nice sign cut from a better wood product.  You decide.

Download this free PDF pattern
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Paper Holder Stand Pattern and Tutorial

Ok, I often sit at my desk and need to type some notes into the text editor, or enter a list of figures, or compose a note from a rough draft.  I can place the sheet next to the keyboard and lean over again and again collecting the information to type, but it would be much easier if the sheet would stand up by itself.  No can do.  So I built this little stand that fills the bill.  You can even use it in the kitchen when reading recopies while you work, or as a quick music stand as you practice.   

The trick to make the paper stand up without folding over backward or forward is to have a little arc in the base.  When have you seen a piece of paper rolled up fold over on its own?  Well here's the solution, if you want to build one.  It's really easy but I created a print tutorial to go along with the pattern.  I used the heart design as ornamentation (might make a nice Valentine gift), but I've included a few other ornaments you can use instead.
Download this free PDF pattern

Download the Printed Tutorial PDF

Be My Valentine Pattern

Here's another Valentine pattern, befitting the season.

Download this free PDF pattern

Paw Key Holder and Identifier Pattern and Tutorial

Well, here's a little project you might enjoy working on.  I have a bunch of keys on my key ring, but mainly use only one or two on a regular basis.  The main one is the key to my house, but it looks just like two or three others I have on the same ring.  Well I decided to make a key identifier, in the shape of a dog  paw for my house key.  It is a little more work than my usual signs, so I put together a print tutorial, which you can download here along with the patterns I used.  This works for my house key and should with most others, but you might have to play around with the pattern to get it to work with yours if you have an unusual make.
Download the free PDF Dog Paw Pattern
Download the free Tutorial
Drifter Table Sign Pattern

If you have ever been down to the sea and watch the seagulls gliding in the air, you must have wondered where have these magnificent birds been, what adventures they must have experienced.  So here's a sign accenting this bird of the sea, the drifter.  I cut mine from maple and placed it on the off cut for a base.
Download this free PDF pattern.

Valentine Love Car Table Sign Pattern

Valentine's Day is coming up so here's another nice little sign you might want to make.  Might make a nice gift for a car fanatic.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and used the off cut for a base, then painted the works with a red claret satin color.

Download this free PDF pattern

Scroll Saw HeartKnob

Here's a little project for Valentine's Day.  You might want to make some of these little HeartKnobs for your scroll sawing Heartthrobs.  This is for people who might be finding it a little less easy to tighten that little black knob on their Excalibur, Pegas, or Dewalt (the list goes on).  Just insert this over the black knob and snug up your blade before cutting. Some people might find this a bit "heart wrenching" but others might use it and take your concern for them "to heart."  Your heart might "sink" when a blade breaks, but.... ENOUGH WITH THE HEART JOKES!.

Ok.  I hope you like this project.  I cut mine from 3/4" cherry and rounded the edges on my router -- you might want to do this if you are going to give it as a gift, but it can be cut from just about any wood.  Also might have to adjust the size of the insert hole, depending on how close you cut it.

Download this free PDF pattern.

Beauty Butterfly Raised Inlay Sign Pattern

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," so they say.  Well one of the most beautiful creatures of nature is often seen in the summer as they fly from flower to flower.  I tried to capture this fleeting spirit in this sign.  I cut the sign from 1/4" maple wood and cut the butterflies at an angle on the scroll saw so they would project off the word BEAUTY.  I coated the butterflies with a dark stain before reinserting them back into their openings.  I then cut a rather winding top layer for the base and mounted the whole shebang on top of a slab of teak to complete the project.  Hope you like it.  

Download the free PDF pattern

3D Compound Cutting Patterns

I've been experimenting with doing compound cuts and designing my own figures.  You are severely limited on the size of the objects you can produce, but it is fun to experiment.  I saw a heart figure which morphs into two lovers kissing, on line, so I thought I'd try making one of those.  I didn't have a pattern so I designed my own.   It was easy to make the side view, but when I had to do the back/front view I had to experiment.  Didn't come out too bad, but might try again with some tweaks.  Tried making my dragon (used as part of the pen holder), and same problem occurred.  Had to experiment with the back/front view.  Well, anyway, I thought I'd pass my findings along.  You might find it fun to cut these.  If you are not sure how to do these cuts check out my video on cutting vases.  I cut my figures from 2 x 4" material cut to 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" about 6" long.

Download the free PDF Patters here:   1   2

Area 51 Raised Inlay Sign

One of the most popular signs in my Etsy store has been the table top Area 51 Sign I designed several years ago.  I thought I'd update the sign a bit with a variation on the theme and also use a raised inlay to make the sign a bit more interesting.  I cut the sign from maple, but I stained the raised inlays with a chestnut stain to make them stand out.  Also cut a bazaar jagged base to accent the piece -- even left the blade burn marks as an accent.  I have the pattern here for you if you would like to try it, but I have to make two notes here.  First on the pattern I had a problem with the number 5, since the head of the alien is out in the open.  The five becomes rather weak.  You might want to include a little band of wood where the five opens, when cutting.  Also I used 3 degrees on the saw tilt, might want to use 5 degrees instead.  Experiment.
Video: Also did a video as I constructed this sign.  If you'd like to view it it is available on my YouTube Channel.

Download this free PDF pattern. 

Star Wars: I Love You, I Know Table Sign Pattern

A customer of mine requested this piece.  It documents that famous parting remarks made by Princess Leia and Hans Solo, from the movie.  I cut this from curly maple wood and took a piece that had a nice extended knot in it and used it for the base.  Download this free PDF pattern.  Should be for private use only, not for sale.
Golf Outline/Inlay Table Sign Pattern

Well Spring is near and it won't be long before every owner of a golf club set will be heading for the links.  Here's a nice sign you might want to make for your golfer.  It's a little bit different than what I've been cutting.  I cut the word golf as a hollow set of letters including 3 classic silhouettes from the game inside the letters.  I cut mine from 1/4" maple wood and mounted it on a maple custom cut base tacked onto a rectangular base of teak. The teak gives the sign some weight so it won't topple.  Makes a nice display piece.  Download this free PDF pattern
Dragon Pen Holder Pattern

Been working on several new ideas and out of one of them came this little dragon pen holder.  Might make a nice addition to the desk, shelf, or play table of a dragon fan.  It is simple to make on the scroll saw.  The dragons could be stack cut to make them quicker, but I was using thick wood so I cut them individually.  The base is nothing more than a piece of poplar.  I used a compass to make a 4" radius disc and drilled a pen sized hole in the center.  This whole project could probably be made from scraps you have lying around the shop.  

The pattern is rather simple so I made a short video to go along with this.  If you would like to see it you can find it on my channel on YouTube

You can download the free PDF pattern here.

However Far... Wall Sign Pattern
"However Far A Stream Flows, It Never Forgets Its Origin."
This ancient African proverb has a lot of depth to it, and has a hypnotic feeling that makes it an ideal wall sign.  Could also be made into a desktop sign as well.  I used a large size for this pattern so you will have to print it out on legal sized paper 8.5" x 11".  Not difficult on most printers.  It would really be dynamic if it was made larger.  I cut mine from Baltic birch ply and painted it black.  Needed something to give the sign some support so I added the little star fish at the weak points, and it seems to have worked out well.  Also added the African Marula tree as a support on the right side of the quote.

Download this free PDF pattern

Chinese New Year: Spring 2020

Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. This year it starts January 25.  The festival is usually referred to as the Spring Festival in mainland China, and is one of several Lunar New Years in Asia.  So I thought it fitting to create a nice stand up sign for the occasion.  I cut mine from a piece of 1/2" plywood I had in the shop.  It was thick enough so didn't need a base.  The dragon is the common Chinese symbol and there is also a Chinese symbol for Spring.  While this is good for 2020, it could be modified for other years.  So get your fireworks out (a traditional feature of the New Year) and help celebrate this important event.       Download this free PDF pattern

Dance Raised Inlay Sign Pattern

Here's something a bit different.  I've been cutting signs lately with images cut in the letters of a word or phrase, like the Music and Soccer signs below.  This one was done similarly for Dancers.  Instead of cutting out the figures and leaving an open space, I decided to cut the figures at a 5 degree angle cut on the scroll saw.  This allows the figures to pop out and hold instead of dropping out altogether.  I cut the DANCE from teak and also the figures, but I took the figures and dipped them in a dark stain, then replaced them in the word.  This was all mounted on a rectangle base of cherry and sprayed with a clear sealer.  The pattern shows the left degree cut that is necessary and the direction you should cut to get similar results.  To be sure, do a sample test cut before committing to the final cut.  Download this free PDF pattern.
Music Table Sign Pattern

Music is always fun to work with either in the music room or in the wood shop.  Here's a little sign I put together using an inlay outline of a guitar placed in the word.  I cut mine from teak and then attached it to an off cut from the same pattern.  

Download this Free PDF pattern

Soccer Inlay Table Sign Pattern

Soccer has become quite the popular sport and is admired by many rabid fans.  So it is fitting that we have an unusual table sign that soccer lovers can enjoy.  Usually I put the figures on top of or aside of the word, but I tried something a little different this time, injecting the action into the word itself.  I cut mine from 1/4" cherry wood and mounted it on the off cut of the same type of wood adding an improvised swirl to the base.  Download this free PDF pattern
All You Need Is Love Table Sign Pattern

Valentine's Day is approaching and you'll need something to give along with that box of candy and flowers.  Here's as nice wood sign that says it all.  I cut mine from a piece of Ambrosia Maple (rather romantic sounding as long as you don't think about the beetle). The streaks of grain give it a whirlwind effect.  I used the cut off from an unusual base which works quite well.

Download the free PDF pattern

My Guitar Lounge Door or Wall Plaque Pattern

I play guitar so you will probably find lots of musical patterns here and more coming up related to the guitar and music in general.  I made this one for guitar players who have a dedicated room to store and play with their instruments.  It's sure to be a hit if you were to give it as a gift.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and traced a similar backing board (after I cut it out) from MDF.  Could be stained or painted, but I just painted the backing board black for a nice bold effect.  Haven't done it yet, but I plan to round over the edges to smooth them out and then maybe I'll give the whole project a thick coat of clear spray (satin finish).

Download this free PDF pattern

To The Wine Cave Wall Sign Pattern

Ever since the big kafuffle about one of the candidates having a big wine wing-ding in a rather extravagant wine cave of some millionaire lots of people have revealed that they have their own wine caves.  It might only be a couple of bottles kept in the cellar or a large basement wine storage.  In any event here's a sign that you can use to point the way to your wine cave, should you have one.  I cut mine from two pieces of MDF.  The top is 1/4" and the backboard is 1/2".  I painted the top a brown color and the backboard a nice purple, like some of the wine.  Download this free PDF pattern.

Heart Puzzle Pattern

Valentine's Day is a great day for giving gifts, any day is a great day for giving puzzles as gifts.  So here's a simple 12 piece heart puzzle that might make a nice gift on V day or maybe just about any day.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and lightly painted it pink on the front.

Download this Free PDF pattern

Have Gun Will Travel Keychain Pattern

If you are a fan of the old west on TV you know about this one.  Paladin always gave out a business card similar to the logo here.  One of my western customers wanted something different, so I came up with this.

Download the free PDF Pattern

Jingle Bells Table Sign Pattern

This nice table sign rings in the season.  I cut mine from 3/4" pine and painted the lettering white and the base a red.  The pattern also includes a compound bell pattern.  I cut the bell from a piece of two by four 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" about 4" long.  I extended the block to 4" so I would have something to hold on to while cutting.  I painted the bell the same red and attached it to the bottom of the J using CA glue.  Makes a nice table ornament.

Download the free PDF Pattern
The Rifleman (Dual Pose) Portrait Pattern

I've had several requests for more Rifleman projects, so here is another one, a dual portrait of Lucas and Mark McCain from the TV show.

This TV series was (and still is in syndication) a very popular western.  It starred Chuck Connor and Johnny Crawford as the main characters.  The show ran from September (remember when TV shows always started in September), 1958 to April 1963.

I made this pattern with as few cuts as possible and most of it is two large areas.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and painted black a backing board of same wood and glued them together.  I cut the words out from cherry wood, but you can leave it without the title if you like.

Download this free PDF pattern

Ice Princess Plaque Pattern

All the kids are agog about the Ice Princess in "Frozen" so I though a nice little plaque for a child's room would be right in order.  I used 1/4" birch ply to cut out the sign and then sprayed it with white paint and covered it with shiny dust to make it look like a cold snowy object.    I then painted a backboard arch which I improvised.  The sign part was glued to the board using a couple of  1/4" pieces of ply to give it a 3D effect.  You could put one of those sawtooth picture hooks on the pack to make this a wall plaque, but I chose to put it on a plate stand.  I got the plate stand from Steve Good's site, if you are interested in this method.  Might make a nice gift for a little one in your life.

Download this free PDF pattern

Cat Table Ornament

Might like to make this for a cat lover.  The pattern shows the cat's bottom a solid, but I cut it out for emphasis, but looking at it now, I think it would be better to leave it solid and cut in the leg lines about half way down..  Mine is cut from Padauk and mounted on a layered custom base of cherry and oak on the bottom.


Download this PDF pattern

Dog Heart Table Ornament

Last time we did the cat ornament so it is only fair we do a dog ornament as well.  I cut two of them.  One is from the red Padauk (btw this wood can be toxic so be careful if you use it).  This was mounted on a custom cut base of cherry and layered on top of a maple base.  The other was cut from cherry and layered with Padauk and maple.  Makes a nice display for the dog lover.

Download this PDF pattern
Laurel and Hardy Portrait Scrollsaw Picture

Laurel and Hardy, one of the most hilarious and popular comedy teams of the early 20th century.  If you have never heard of them you are missing a lot, so look them up on YouTube and start laughing. 

Most of the portraits you see for cutting on a scrollsaw are quite detailed and rather daunting for the beginning scroller.  Well this one is an easy one.  There are only a couple of cuts you need to make.  Cut the top portrait out of 1/4" birch ply (a little over 8.5 x 11) and cut a backing board of same size.  Paint the backing board black flat.  After you cut out the top piece sandwich the front and back together with some glue.  The pattern also includes a name logo you can place anywhere on the picture.  This can be cut from a darker wood to make it stand out.  Put a saw toothed hook on the back and you have a nice display.

Download the free portrait pattern in PDF
Download the free lettering pattern in PDF

Eyebrow Studio Business Card Holder

Eyebrow studios are popping up all over the place and of course they have business cards they like to get out to the public.  I had one customer ask me if I could design one for her studio, so I came up with this little item.  I pass it on in case any of you would like to make one for your eyebrow stylist.  I cut mine from several woods.  I used cherry for the backing 1/4" and glued that to a 1/4" maple base.  The eyeball and brow in the front acts as a card stopper and I cut mine from 1/4" padauk.

Download this pattern in PDF

By the way, I also have a scrollsaw eBook of 18 business card holder patterns available in my Etsy store.  You can download it for immediate use.  These are a good assortment of holders for different businesses and usually sell quite well on line and at craft shows.

Welcome To The Nut House Table Sign Pattern

October 22 is National Nut Day, so in anticipation of this great event I've prepared a rather unique comic pattern.  Mine is shown in simulated wood, but you can cut it in any type of wood and put it atop a flat or custom made base.

Download the free PDF Pattern
Downton Abbey Table Sign Pattern

This is a nice table ornament for the die-hard Downton Abbey fans.  Music is a big part of the series so I used that as the main theme.  Cut mine from cherry and made the base from a piece of padauk I had.

Download this free PDF pattern

New Video Available: Making a simple painting bed for small wood projects.  Check it out on YouTube.

The Headless Horseman Table Ornament

He appeared to be a horseman of large dimensions, and mounted on a black horse of powerful frame....Just then he saw the goblin rising in his stirrups, and in the very act of hurling his head at him. Ichabod endeavored to dodge the horrible missile, but too late. It encountered his cranium with a tremendous crash,—he was tumbled headlong into the dust, and Gunpowder, the black steed, and the goblin rider, passed by like a whirlwind.

I still remember the chilling scene from the novel projected in the amazing Disney animation from when I was a child.  This legendary figure can now be cut on your scroll saw.  I cut mine from a piece of 3/4" pine and painted it a flat black, using the cutoff for a base.  I then painted the pumpkin head with orange acrylic paint and sprayed the whole project with a sealer.

Save the story clip above for when you put our this display on Halloween and read it to some young and imaginative goblin you might know.  Or better yet, read the who story of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
Download this free PDF pattern.

Your UBER Is Here Table Sign Pattern

Here's a cute little sign for the people who are hooked on using UBER.  I wonder if they had these in the old days?



Download the free PDF pattern

VIDEO ALERT:  I'm making some toy trucks for a customer and needed a lot of wheels, so rather than cut them one by one with a scroll saw or hole saw, I use this bulk method.  If you need a lot of wheels and don't want to buy them, you might find this method interesting.  I'll be publishing a more detailed video later on.


      Check Out Video on YouTube

Haunted House Table Ornament Pattern

This funky looking haunted house is fun to build and just right for a Halloween display.  You can download the pattern below, which includes the outline for the house and the window frames.  The frames have to be cut out separately and painted black.  The house is painted purple and stands about 10" tall.  I also cut out some slats from 1/4" birch play about 2" wide and measured five sections of the roof to cut the lengths.  Painted them black and then attached with glue and brads.  The whole shebang is attached to a segment of the cut out painted black for a base.

Download this free pattern.

Check out my eBook of Halloween patterns on Etsy
Karate: Respect and Confidence

When I saw the movie "The Karate Kid" many years ago, I was impressed with the theme.  Most people think of Karate as only a weapon, but the movie impressed upon the viewer that it was more than that.  It was pictured as a whole way of life and the elements of respect and confidence were a part of that life.  I thought it would make a nice table sign, so here it is.  The lettering has an Asian look to it and I attached a dragon's head to the right side of the the sign.  It is cut from cherry wood, but sits upon a custom cut top layered base of curly maple and that in turn sits upon a rectangular mahogany base. Used a round over router bit to shape the edges.  Makes a nice piece for the student of the art.

Download this free PDF pattern

I recently had a request for a small half urn that can be used as part of a craft project.  I decided to make the urn using a compound cut, so I designed a small pattern and worked out a system for cutting these Half Urns.  I thought maybe someone else might like to use the idea, so I offer the pattern here and also made a video of the process you can check out on YouTube.

Download pattern for urns
Bus Driver Blues Table Sign Pattern

That time of year rolls around where the intrepid school bus driver must take his/her seat among the brave.  They haul our kids every day and in the process put up with a lot.  One can almost hear them singin' the blues right now.  A great group of people.

Download this free pattern

When Black Cat's Prowl (or When Black Hats Prowl if you say it fast) Table Sign Pattern

Nothing says Halloween like a black cat screech that sends icicles down your spine. And the big H is coming up so you will want to cut out this sign for our seasonal display.

Download the Free Pattern

NEW VIDEO: Camera Security Wedge Cut From Wood

Security is the big word today when it comes to computers and mobile devices and I noticed recently reports of remote meanies who can actually control the cameras built into devices like laptops and tablets.  In control they can spy on you and do other nasty things.  Well here's a little wood device you might want to make for your security.  I've included my plan here and also did a short video on YouTube on assembling this easy to make project.  

Download the pattern plan

Autumn Scents Table Sign Pattern

When I was a kid one of the most memorable moments was when I walked outside on a crisp October day and caught a whiff of leaves burning.  Today we call it air pollution, but back in those days it was a sweet fragrance a neighbor chose to bestow upon us by burning his extra leaves along the side of the road.  Now a days we have these scents captured in the form of wax candles.  Amazing how the impression of things change over the years.  Here's a sign that reminds us of those scents.  I simulate it here in walnut veneer.

Download this free pattern

Picture Me Table Sign Pattern

This sign is for photographer buffs, professional and amateur. Cameras are on all the phones now a days, but I always carry a "real" camera around with me when I go on an adventure.  Ease of use and better picture options are the reasons and I just like having the feel of a camera in my hands.  I guess that's old school, but so am I.

Download this pattern

Cycle Legend Table Sign Pattern

Motorcycles are everywhere and lots of people have a fascination with the machine, so here's a striking table sign you might like to cut for a fellow biker.  I've simulated it in curly maple here.  Let's see what you can do with it.

Download this free PDF pattern

Peace Corps Table Sign Pattern

John F. Kennedy started the Peace Corps in 1961 and it has grown and done amazing things since then.  This sign commemorates this wonderful world organization.  Simulated here in ash wood design.

Download the Free PDF Pattern

Brothers Table Sign Pattern

This is a table sign meaningful to all military veterans.  Image shows the sign cut in simulated koa wood and at a perspective angle.

Download this free PDF pattern

Gone Haunting Table Sign Pattern

Halloween is creeeeping up on us, so how about cutting something in the spirit of the season.  This might make a good sign to put out when you have gone out.  I picture the image in a cherry finished simulation.

Download this free PDF patern

Missile Launcher Pencil Holder Pattern

This is a little fun project you might want to make for a child you know.  It is a pencil holder in the shape of a Surface-To-Air Missile launcher.  Doesn't really launch the pencils (missiles) but makes them readily available.  Will hold 3 missiles (and is modifiable).  This is an easy project so I made a video for you to follow rather than put all the details here.  You can view the video on YouTube on my Channel.
Download the free PDF Pattern Here.
The Puck Stops Here Table Sign Pattern

This might make a nice sign for an avid hockey fan.  I did it as a simulation in Padauk but it could be done up in any assortment of woods.

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I Like To Hike Table Sign Pattern

Hiking is good exercise, whether you are going miles and miles or just for a walk around the neighborhood.  Lots of people indulge in this activity so a sign cut from wood might make them very happy. 

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Smart Sleuth Table Sign Pattern

I've always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes and the many other fictional detectives.  I thought a nice table sign glorifying this type of fiction would be in order so I came up with Smart Sleuth (think Nancy Drew)  Might make a nice present for a movie for TV fan of mysteries.  Coated this simulation with a Koa veneer.  The image has a perspective to it, but the pattern is pretty straight forward and easy.

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Cloud 9 Table Sign Pattern

Feeling happy?  This sign will help to tell the world.  Nothing like being on Cloud 9.

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Popcorn Lover Table Sign Pattern

the first commercial popcorn machine was invented in Chicago by Charles Cretors in 1885 and ever since people everywhere have been a-poppin.  Make this nice little sign for your popcorn loving friends.

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Enemy Below Table Sign Pattern

This pattern sort of reminds me of a scene from those naval war movies where the ship is quietly moving along the top of the ocean and below lurks the danger of a submarine attack.  Tried to make the fullness of the ocean using a series of waves.

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Got The Beat In Me Table Sign Pattern

Here's a nice sign that will warm the heart of your dancer.  Some people like dancing and some people just can't stop dancing to the beat that drives them.

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Dad & Son Table Sign Pattern

Well, the tree is made of wood and the guitar is made from the wood of the tree, so I guess you could call it Father and Son.  In any even this might make a good gift for a musician or just a general sign for a dad.  I cut mine from cherry and used the off cut to make an interesting serrated base to mount it on.  

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Watching Apollo 11

In the news lately there has been a lot about the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and the attempted assault on Area 51.  So I thought I'd combine both ideas into a little sign with a little twist I call "Watching Apollo 11"  I don't know if there is anything "out there" but we do know the Americans were the first to land on the moon.  Might make a nice gift for a 51 fanatic or any space explorer.

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Rubber Stamp "Dragon Love" Pattern

Thought I'd try my hand at making a rubber stamp with a logo on it, using my scroll saw.  I designed the "Dragon Love" ornament and reduced it in size to about 4"  I cut it out of birch plywood and made a backing for it and a handle to create a "rubber" stamp.  Actually a wooden stamp to use on paper, wood or other materials.  If this work out I'll make other patterns to be used for the same purpose.  I bought an ink pad, but I don't think it was good enough.  Seems like you would need one that is more moist.  But it seemed to work after some practice.  The project is easy enough to make but I made a video which you can check out on my YouTube Channel.

You can download the pattern and plan here in PDF.

Wax My Eyeballs Table Sign

Ok, if you are looking for an interesting conversation piece cut out this sign and place it on your desk in public.  Guaranteed to draw attention.  Nobody will know the meaning of this phrase, but I'm sure many people will have opinions and some might be quite hilarious.  I cut mine from a radical piece of wood.  I used a piece of rough flooring made of compressed plywood.  If you need a piece of this wood stop by a local house construction project and I'm sure you will find lots of this discarded by the road. The wood is wild in surface patterns so it makes for a crazy design.

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It's Not Easy Being Me Sign Pattern

Life is tough for everyone and sometime it seems like you can never win.  This might be a good sign for those who feel pounced upon.  

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Arm Lift for The DeWalt Scroll Saw

Use this plan to build the arm lift for use on the DeWalt Scroll Saw.
See video here.

Download Plans Here



Guitar Pick Tray Pattern
I needed a container of some sort to hold my assortment of picks so that I could quickly get one when I needed it.  Up to now I had them scattered all over my desk.  So I decided to build this little box in the shape of a guitar pick to fill my needs.  It will hold quite a few picks (standard or thumb and finger).  I made a couple of them (one larger than the other) and one of them has an inlay in the bottom, which I explain how to make. You don't have to use this for picks, of course.  Might make a nice little candy dish.  You can download the free pattern from here.
BUILD VIDEO I've also done a step by step video which shows me making the tray and explains how to do a simple wood inlay, in case you have not done one before.  You can see the video on YouTube in my YouTube Channel.
Glider Puzzle Pattern

This might be a fun puzzle for some childern.  It not only has the challenge of putting the plane together, but also getting the lettering right.  Should be cut from 1/2" to 3/4" woods for standup. 

To save myself some time I'll often design a piece but not actually cut it in wood, such as this one.  I do like to see what it might look like in the end, so I reproduce a simulated image using various veneers to show what the piece might look like in wood.

Download this free PDF pattern

Seal Balancing A Hat Puzzle Pattern

Everyone is familiar with this scene.  The ol' seal balancing the hat on his nose trick.  This simple puzzle might be fun for a child.  Monitor use with very young children for small pieces.  Cut from thick pine or maple might be good for this.

Download the free PDF pattern

BFF Table Top Sign Pattern

Dracula and Frankenstein Friends Forever (and forever).  I wanted to include a symbol for each, so I used the bat for Mr. D and a bolt of lightning for Mr. F.  These two guys will go on forever, I'm sure.  I made a special cutout top layer for the base and glued it down on a slab of pine.  The rest of the project is cut from an unusually grained piece of poplar.  Makes an interesting conversation piece.

Download the free PDF pattern

I'm A Phonee Table Sign Pattern

Here's a sign of the age, just made for the person who can't live without a phone in hand.  I cut mine from a piece of spalted maple and mounted it on an improvised base made from the leftover scrap.  

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5 - 9 Puzzle Pattern

A few days ago I came up with a number puzzle 0 - 4.  I wasn't going to do the rest of the sequence unless there was interest in it.  So guess what?  There is interest in puzzles, so here it is.  Good for kids to learn their numbers.

Download this free PDF pattern

She Walks In Beauty Like the Night Table Sign Pattern

This sign is based upon the classic poem written by Lord Byron in 1813.  It is a well know poem often quoted.  Once again I was perplexed how I could add some clouds floating along with a star in the air, so I added the circular frame to help out.  Seems to work well.  The sign is cut from poplar and mounted on a piece of padauk I improvised into a base.

Download this free PDF pattern

Bull Head Puzzle Pattern

Is it just me or does he look as though he has a surprised look in his eyes?  The pattern doesn't include the drilled holes for the eyes, but it does seem to give expression to the piece.  This is a simple puzzle (only 8 pieces) but it might  prove a challenge for a young child.  I cut mine from 1" cedar but it can be cut from just about any type of wood.

Download this free PDF pattern

Double Lucky Guy (and Double Lucky Gal) Sign Patterns

Some people are just lucky.  Some people are double lucky and this sign celebrates those who feel more than lucky.  Actually this is a double lucky pattern because there are two in the download.  One for the Guy and one for the Gal.

I like to experiment with different kinds of wood and this month's Woodcraft sale paper said they had a wood on sale called Leopardwood.  So I picked up one of the boards (not cheap even on sale) and used it for this sign.  Has a nice effect.  Sort of reddish in color with spots.  I sliced the slab down the middle to make a roughly 1/4" thick piece and used that for the sign.  The top layer of the base is improvised from the left over wood of the blank and I glued this on another improvised maple base.  

Download this free PDF Pattern (2 in the pack)

Gorilla With An Ice Cream Cone Puzzle Pattern

Some children might find this amusing.  Yes, it's a gorilla holding an ice cream cone.  One can probably assume it didn't last very long.  Great gift for a young child especially if you make up a story to go along with it.  I cut mine from MDF.  It would probably look better if painted, but I offer it as is.  Perhaps a nice wood could dress it up a bit.

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Smile Grin Chuckle Table Sign Pattern

This philosophical table ornament reminds us that we should keep a lighter attitude to most things in our lives.  Some of my customers have asked why I add certain features to a sign they have requested. Usually it is for support.  For example, in this sign I wanted SMILE and GRIN to float in the air, but this just can't be in a wood display without some support.  So I added the moons or smiles to offer support for the words floating in the air, and the little elf to support the upper deck.  I cut my sign from cherry wood and made a three tone base from scraps I had around.
Download this free PDF pattern 

0 - 4 Number Puzzle Pattern

Little kids best learn their numbers through practice in a fun song or game.  Well, this large piece puzzle will help young children learn to recognize numbers and sequence.   You can cut this from thick pine or poplar to make a nice stand up puzzle.  It took a while to come up with the key locks, so I'll only work on the next sequence if there is interest in this kind of puzzle.  Drop me a line if you would like to see the next sequence as a puzzle pattern:

Download this free PDF pattern

Retired: Not My Problem Table Sign Pattern

I had a job once, I think....Many years ago in a galaxy far far away.  I've been retired for about 15 years and loving every minute of it.  When you think back on it, it's funny how many problems you were involved in or had to solve over the years. Now I can do pretty much whatever I want.  Don't be afraid of retirement.  This sign says it all.  I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on an improvised top layer of cherry from the off cut.  I sat the whole thing on a thin slab of sapele to finish it off.

Download this free PDF pattern

Three Headed Dinosaur Puzzle Pattern

Why a three headed dinosaur?  Well, everybody knows that three heads are better than one.  Ok, it's just interesting.  Might make a fun puzzle for children, especially if you make up a story to go along with it.
Download this free PDF pattern

Actually you will be getting two puzzles in this PDF.  The other is an interlocking Tree Tree puzzle.
Star Light Star Bright Table Sign Pattern

"Star Light, star bright,
The First Star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight"

This popular anonymous poem has been recited for years in hopeful dreams.  Don't really need the entire poem to get the feel, as this sign suggests.  Cut this for a child and I'm sure they will recognize it.  I cut mine from sapele and mounted it on an improvised top layer of same attached to a maple bottom.

Download this free PDF pattern
Catching Stars Table Sign

This might make another nice children's sign.  I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on a scrap of variegated wood blank that I had from another project.  Also added a piece of paneling on the back to catch the shadows (along with the stars).

Download this free PDF pattern

Kokopelli Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

When I was traveling out west I found that the Kokopelli was an extremely popular figure as a fertility deity.  Make what you want of that, but he is always dancing and playing his flute.  I decided to make him into a  puzzle, so I cut the figure from 3/4" pine.  Didn't notice that I had put down my painter's tape over a knot in the wood, so when I peeled it off I coincidentally cut the face around the knot, making and interesting eye piece.  This is not a difficult puzzle but can be fun for a youngster.  I tried to make the pieces as big as possible, but be wary around really small children.

Download this free PDF pattern

Gene Autry Round Up Guitar Table Sign Pattern

If you're an old timer like me you will remember the name Gene Autry -- the western hero for many of us kids at the time.  I was inspired by his playing of the guitar to take up the instrument and a couple of month ago I found one of his old Round Up guitars which were sold by Montgomery Ward (another old name from the past).  So I decided to come up with this nice little sign.  I cut it from spalted maple and the top layer of the base is also splated maple with a lot of chips in it, so I decided to stress the whole base.  The only tricky part is cutting out the name letters without botching them up.

Download this free PDF pattern

THE SUGGESTION BOX: Many of my signs come from suggestion and a lot from my own inspirations, so if you have any ideas for useful signs, drop me a line and you might see it up here soon.

I Love My Garden Table Sign Pattern

Here's an intricate piece to cut.  Now's the season to start the garden and this would make a nice sign for your favorite gardener (or rabbit).  Nothing fancy in my cut just used 1/2" birch ply for the sign and posted it atop a slab of pine.  The only challenge is probably getting the letters cut out on the sign so that you don't lose any of the defining sections.
Many of my signs come from suggestion and a lot from my own inspirations, so if you have any ideas for useful signs, drop me a line and you might see it up here soon.

Download this free PDF pattern

Arm Lift for Excalibur Scroll Saw

Well here's something a bit different.  I've been working on and idea for building a foot lift for my Excalibur scroll saw arm.  At the tap of the toe you can raise and lower the arm easily -- saving wear and tear on your arm and making it easy to lift and lower when you have a lot of cuts on a piece -- fretwork, for example.  I designed this for the Excalibur, but I think it will work with any scroll saw that's arm is lifted.

You can check out the build and the use in my new video on YouTube

You can download the free PDF plan here, if you'd like to give it a try.

Long Life Table Sign Pattern

There is something peaceful about the Japanese culture and for some reason I associate that with layers.  Well this sign focuses on long life with the bonsai and the symbol for that phrase.  For the first time I tried a three layered base to give a rippling effect.  Sapele, spalted maple, mahogany, and cherry were the four woods I used.  The bases were assembled from cut offs from previous projects.

Download this free PDF pattern

Come Sit Table Sign Pattern

This sign brings to mind the comforts of the old front porch where family and friends use to gather to chat (not on line).  Might make a good decoration for a patio or porch.  I cut mine from maple and mounted it on a slab of pine.  Simple, like the life and times it represents.

Download this free PDF pattern

My School Bus Driver Delivers Table Sign Pattern

Sometimes little kids don't really appreciate the luxuries they have around them daily.  The school bus driver might be one of them.  This might make a nice gift for a driver finishing off a hectic year behind the wheel.  I cut mine from curly maple and placed it on an improvised 1/4" base which was an off cut from another project I did in cherry.

Download this free PDF pattern

Wishes Do Come True Table Sign Pattern

The fairy is a symbol of wishing and the dream of many young children.  This sign would make a nice piece for a child dreamer you know.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and mounted it on a double improvised base of curly maple and sapele wood cut off I had in the scrap bin.

(If you'd like to see how I do these layered bases you can check out a couple of videos I have on My You Tube Channel

Download this free PDF pattern
Flag Day Table Sign Pattern

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress took a break from writing the Articles of Confederation and passed a resolution stating that “the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white,” and that “the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”  So here we have a table sign commemorating this grand event from our amazing history.  I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on a top layer of the off cut of cherry and placed it on a slab of pine.

Download this Free PDF pattern

America Or Bust Wall Sign Pattern

Here's something a bit different following the Columbus and America theme.  This is sized for an 8.5 x 11 sheet but cn be resized to make a bigger wall hanging, if you like.   It can be cut from 1/4" birch ply and then spray painted black to make a stunning wall silhouette.


Download this Free JPG. pattern

Hello Coffee Table Sign Pattern

This is for those die-hard coffee drinkers  Makes a nice display for their desks.  I felt the need to experiment here, so I decided to do this from a piece of MDF that was staring at me from below my work bench.  I'd never cut a sign from this material, since I think wood is the best material to work with.  But I decided to give it a try.  This from a piece of MDF that is about 1/2" thick.  Wasn't sure how this was going to come out so I documented my cutting with a video which is now on YouTube if you care to check it out just click HERE.

In the meantime Download this Free PDF pattern.

National Donut Day Table Sign Pattern

Mmmmm. Mmmm.  National Donut Day is the first Friday of June (coming up soon), so why not make one of these signs as you sip your cup of coffee (see yesterday's sign) and chomp on a nice chocolate covered donut.  I cut mine from sapele wood which gives it that nice chocolate flavor then I added a carefully improvised base of same to bottom it out.  

Download this Free PDF pattern

Business Card Holders: Banking/Financial and Computer Repair


The two patterns above (click to download) are part of an eBook I am offering in my Etsy store.  These two are free.  If you would like 18 more business card patterns for 18 assorted businesses you can click the link below which will take you to the store for purchase of the eBook which is $8.50 and an immediate download of the complete eBook.
I've been selling these business card holders in my Etsy store and they good sellers, if you want to make them for your shows or for sales at fairs, etc.  The best way to see how these are put together you should check out my YouTube video.  It is really very simple to build after you get the idea.  You can see the video here.

You can order the complete eBook of Business Card Patterns Here

Download the Free Banker/Financial Pattern

Download the Free Computer Repair Pattern

You Can't Buy Happiness But You Can Buy A Truck

This humorous saying has been around for a while.  Why not make it for a truck friend.  I cut mine from poplar and placed it on a simple slab of sapele.


Download the Free PDF pattern

D-Day 75th Year Recognition Sign Pattern

D-Day is a point in history few will ever forget.  This sign recognizes the importance of this day (June 6, 1944).  I cut my sign from cherry wood and mounted it on a layered base of cherry and poplar.  I also added a backing board for a 3D effect.  The backing is placed about 1" from the back of the sign and attached to the base.
Download this Free PDF pattern
Cameo Table Sign Pattern

If you need some practice cutting circles and arches, this might be the project for you. If you are new at scroll sawing cut along the lines as carefully as possible.  It might be difficult at first, but after you have done a lot of circles and arc as in this sign pattern it will become easier.  I like to work at a fast speed once I get the feel of it; seems like the lines come out a lot smoother.  I cut my sign from a nicely grained poplar and tried something a bit different on the base.  I used a piece of mahogany for the bottom but made a bridgework out of maple for the base of the sign to sit on.  Seems to work ok.

Download this Free PDF pattern

Lasting Love Table Sign Pattern

Some of the most interesting table signs usually depict a scene and this one draws a poignant scene which bring home the passing of time and love.  The young couple in the background have a chance to look into their future in the older couple in the foreground.  Sometimes I difficulty trying to decided where I'm going to place the lettering in relation to the graphic.  Here I was lucky and able to hang them from the clouds above.   I cut my sign from a vivid piece of cherry and mounted it on a flat strip of torrified maple.  Hope you enjoy cutting this one.  
Download this Free PDF pattern
El amor todo lo puede (Love Conquers All) Table Sign Pattern

Want to impress your Spanish speaking friends, cut this little saying out and present it as a gift. The language truly is beautiful.  I like to experiment with different kinds of wood, so I had this piece of Lati scrap which was just the right size for this table sign.  The wood is really hard, but cut easily if you use a new blade.  I used a  piece of torrified ash for the base.
Download this Free PDF pattern
Scrollsaw Hero: Steve Good Table Sign Pattern

Ok.  Here's something a little different.  It's my tribute to that Sultan of Scrollsawing, that Guru of the kerf, Steve Good.  We all know of his work and giant contribution to the art of the scrollsaw.  Personally, just about everything I've learned about this art has come from watching Steve Good.  So I thought it about time he has his own sign.  Hope you enjoy cutting it. Thank you Steve for all you have done.  I cut mine from cherry wood and mounted it on a top layer sharp cut graphic which sits upon a pine slab.
Download this Free PDF pattern
Love That Tune Table Sign Pattern

Just experimenting with this little ditty.  I wanted to use a blank made from a 2 x 4 (cut a slice about 1/4" thick) with a strange grain.  Long lines throughout, sort of reminded me of a musical scale, so I built the pattern around a musical theme.  The 2x4 was a very soft material and very easy to cut, maybe too easy. Had to control the blade as I cut through it.  Placed it upon a thin base of maple to make a neat little sign.  

Download this Free PDF pattern

Happy Camper Table Sign Pattern

Styled for the outdoorsman this sign might make a nice gift.  Tried something a bit different with this piece.  I cut the sign itself from 1/4" maple, but I found a large branch from a tree so I split it down the middle with my bandsaw and then shaved off the top side also with the bandsaw to make a flat surface.  Glued the sign to it and ended up with a nice rustic base.  The bark came out rather shiny and looks almost brown, but was gray bark, after I sealed the whole project.

Download this Free PDF pattern

Air Traffic Controllers Table Sign Pattern

This is a complex little sign with the lettering, station, clouds and airplane, but not really difficult to cut.  I cut mine from poplar and used the cut off to shape a rambling base.
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