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Interior Windshield Washer Pattern

Ok, there's a story behind this.  I was sitting the car staring out the front window waiting for my wife to finish with her hair dresser appointment when I noticed how streaked with a film the window was.  Now I hate cleaning the interior because you have to become a contortionist to do it, twisting and turning over and behind the steering wheel, the rear view mirror, etc.  So while I was sitting there it occurred to me that I might be able to make a little tool to make the job easier.  May I present you with (drum roll) the Interior Windshield Washer (cut from wood on your scroll saw.

It's fairly easy to make using the pattern I have for you.  After cutting it take a section from an old towel and wrap it according to the instructions shown on the pattern sheet.  Soak the towel piece with Windex or some other favorite cleaner of your choosing and you are ready to stroke your window to clarity.  You'll be just waiting for it to cloud up again so you can use this handy tool.  Pattern and wrap instructions are included in pictures.

Download this free PDF pattern 



Everyone seems to like wine, or know someone who does, so here is a collection of wine signs you can cut for yourself or as gifts for your next wine party.  Price on this Wine Pattern book has been reduced to $3.50 in my Etsy Store

Guitar Bridge Pin Holder Pattern

Ok, if you are not a guitar player you probably won't know that this is or have any use for it.  But there are thousands (maybe millions) of guitar players who can use one of these, so fire up your scroll saw and cut one out for a guitar player you might know.  He's (she'll) thank you for it.

Whenever you change strings on your guitar you pull the pins and lay them on a table, where they immediately roll around or fall on the floor.  With this handy device you can put your pins in the slots as you take them off the guitar -- in order -- and then as you replace the string, you can easily grab a pin to replace in the bridge.  Simple and handy.  Good for standard 6 string guitars but it can handle others up to 12 strings.

I cut two of them.  Both were from spalted maple, but on one of them I did an inlay of a seagull, cut from tiger wood. Also slotted around the perimeter to make it a bit fancier.  Can be cut from MDF or plain ol' pine if you have a mind to.  The pattern also includes the seagull if you want to do an inlay or a smaller one to just glue to the front of the holder. If you are not familiar with doing simple inlays, check out my video on YouTube where I use an inlay in my guitar pick tray.

Download this free PDF pattern


1776 Table Sign Pattern

On July 4, 1776, the 13 colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on the fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event.  And you thought it was just a day of fireworks (just kidding).  

Well, here's a nice wood sign you can cut to help celebrate the popular date.

Download this free PDF pattern

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Anchor Door Knocker Pattern

You might be able to use this as a real door knocker, but I designed it as a hanging ornament.  It sits on the wall or door and the knocker moves up and down like a real knocker, using my simple hinge system.  

I cut mine from curly maple because it makes for a heavier ornament.  I also used padauk for the hinge block and the knocker knob.  The pattern is a nice convenient size, but you can enlarge it and make it out of heavier wood, if you like.  I used a carpet nail for the back of the knocker so that the knocker is raised away from the surface the anchor is placed on.  You can experiment and try other enhancements.  

The pattern sheet includes a couple of pictures to show how I made the hinge, which is basically two brads with their heads removed and inserted in the flexible knocker ends.  Drill a hole on each side of the hinge block and insert the nails to make the flexible hinge.  If you need any further info, contact me.

By the way.  Not sure if everyone is receiving the almost daily newsletters on a regular basis.  I find that some of them are being dropped in your spam boxes.  Be sure to check there if you have not been alerted to my recent projects here on the free page.

Download this free PDF pattern


Soldier Table Sign Pattern (4 Pack)

Here's Google's definition of SOLDIER: n a war, soldiers are the people who do the fighting, on the ground, in planes, or from boats. Soldier is also a verb that means to serve in the military, or to continue on through difficult times. ... To “soldier on” means to not give up even when life is tough, like soldiering on through difficult vocabulary.

This sign reflects the soldier as a military person, but all of the ideas above are in it as well, including a little timeline from colonial days to present military.  I cut mine from 1/2" plywood and used the off cut for a base because it reflects the images above, in silhouette.  I also put a curved backing to make the soldiers stand out and the letters more readable.

I've put three other patterns in the pack with different saying and one is a blank in case you want to stencil in your own saying or open the image in Photoshop Elements or some other picture editor.

Download this free PDF pattern collection

Summer Yard Boss Table Sign Pattern

Here's a fun sign for your table.  In the summer I become the yard boss and worker.  This is why I've been slacking off on pattern making for the last few times.  It's getting busy around here with the garden, lawn, and shrubs.  But I'll try to keep up the patterns as best as possible.

I cut mine from a 1/4" piece of birch ply and of course used the off cut to make a rather zany base for the sign.  Maybe you can make one of these for a yard boss you know (or are;).

Download this free PDF file.

Let America Sing Table Sign Pattern

Lots of people are writing songs during their hold up with the virus and therefore you should hear more singing going on.  In this piece Lady Liberty holds up a guitar with music pouring from her book.

I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and used the off cut for a base.

Download this free PDF pattern

I'm In the 65 Club Sign Patterns

65 is kind of a right of passage age for the elderly.  When you reach that age everything changes -- sometimes for the good (discounts), sometimes for the bad (a new ache).  It's a special elite club that takes a long time to get membership in, so why not announce it.  

Here are four signs you can cut for the newbee to old age.  Two of them are table signs.  The 65 Club for those who just got there and the 65+ Club for those who are already experienced in the ways of the club.  There are also two plaques announcing membership 65 and 65+.  These all make great light-hearted gifts for someone who is dying to get into the club.

I cut mine from my go-to wood -- the 2x4.  It is amazing the nice grain inside some of these construction timbers if you slice them open.  I cut mine to a 1/2" slab and found a nice wavy grain inside.  Of course I used the off cut for a base, after some modification.

Download the free PDF pattern.


Father's Day SPECIAL is still running also,  but will end soon.

Dog Mom Table Sign Pattern

The APPA estimates there are 90 million dogs in the US, and I have a feeling there are at least half as many dog mom's who love their pets.  This sign is for them.  

I cut mine from 1/4" birch pine and mounted it on the off cut with some modification.  Why the dots on the M?  Something different to draw attention to your pattern.

Download this free PDF pattern





Rock On Sign and 3D Pattern

Well, this might not be for everybody but I had some fun cutting it out and putting it together.  If you know a rock or gem collector it might make a nice little gift for them to display their favorite rock.

This is a two part project.  I cut the sign out of 1/4" birch ply and mounted it on an improvised base of maple.  The pedestal is a Compound Cut in modern style fit to the rock I had.  It should fit a lot of other gem stones for rocks you might choose to use, or you could make it a bit smaller or larger as needed.  

The pedestal is glued to the end of the base and the whole shebang is given a coating of lacquer spray.

Download this free PDF pattern and ROCK ON!!

Good Morning Sign Pattern

There's nothing like waking up on a bright sunny morning with a Good Morning greeting.  To assure you will have one all the time cut this sign and place it on your breakfast table.  Might also make a nice gift for a friend who could use a Good Morning once in a while.

I cut mine from 1/4" oak plywood and mounted it on an improvised oak base.

Download this  free PDF pattern

The Birth of A Nation: Silent Movie Title Sign Pattern

I've always found movies fascinating, especially silent movies, because so much is required of the viewer to understand and enjoy the story being told.  The great Civil War epic, The Birth of a Nation was a landmark silent film, released in 1915, that was the first blockbuster Hollywood hit. It was the longest and most-profitable film then produced and the most artistically advanced film of its day. It secured both the future of feature-length films and the reception of film as a serious medium.  

One of the most interesting features of the silents was the title cards that appeared throughout, starting with the title screen.  Here we have a simulation of the title card for The Birth of a Nation, cut in wood.  I cut mine from 1/4" cherry and mounted it on a simple walnut base.

Download this free PDF pattern
If you enjoy cutting old silent movie titles, you can download some of the patterns I offer on my Silent Movie Page.

Tic Tac Toe Game Pattern

Here's a pattern I made up so you can make your own 3D version of Tic Tac Toe.  It's easy to cut and all the pieces in the pattern can be stack cut if you want to make more than one set or simply save yourself time cutting the x's and o's.  

I cut the frame from 1/4" birch ply and glued it to a 1/2" birch play backing board a little bit larger.  I also rounded over the edges of the boards to make the feel smoother.  I also stained the board using a dark oak stain and coated the board with a clear sealer.  

The x's and o's are cut from 1/4" birch ply.  I sanded them smooth but left them plain wood.  There are 9 of each piece in the pattern so  you will have plenty of extras.

This is a fun project to make and can be fun to play, so give it a whirl.

Download this free PDF pattern


There were 2 kids playing tic tac toe. They played 3 games and won 3 games each with no ties. How is this possible?
They weren't playing against each other! 

Flower Pot Pattern

Recently a friend of mine asked if I could design a 2 dimensional flower pot with three holes drilled down into the pot so that she could insert some artificial flowers and hang this as a summer ornament from her porch.  Sounded pretty ingenious to me, so I came up with this pattern.  As you can she she added some paint and some nice looking artificial geraniums to come up with a spectacular display.

It stands about 10" tall.  I didn't have any board that size so I took a 2x4 (my goto lumber) and sliced several pieces from it to 3/4" size and glued them together to make the board I needed.   I then was able to draw my pot and cut it using my scroll saw.  Before cutting, however, I used my drill to drill down about 5" into the top edge of the board (soon to be the top of the pot).

Seems like it worked out ok.  

Download this free PDF pattern





Soloist Table Sign Pattern

According to the dictionary, the soloist is one who performs alone.  It doesn't have to pertain to music.  You can solo in many fields.  But when one thinks of the word one thinks of the musician.  If you know a soloist who plays violin, cello or other instrument, this might be just the sign to make for them.  When cut from a fine wood it will make an excellent gift.


Download this free PDF pattern
If you like this pattern I have an eBook of stringed instrument patterns available in my Etsy store

Bless Your MOA: Medical Office Assistant

There are lots of people fighting to keep us healthy and safe in this crazy virus infested world.  Sometimes we concentrate on honoring the forerunners (which we should) but forget the average worker who is helping just as much.

Recently had a message from a subscriber who felt that we should recognize another in the medical field, known as the Medical Office Assistant.   So I came up with this sign which emphasizes my feelings for the everyday worker in this seeming endless fight.
Download this free PDF pattern

Safe Place Sign Pattern

Everyone is looking for one of these today, so why not have a sign that labels your Safe Place.  Can be used as a stand up sign or a door or wall sign.

Download this free PDF pattern

My Lucky Star Pattern

Here's an attractive looking table or shelf sign you might want to cut for a special someone.  Could be for a birthday, special occasion, Valentine's day, or just a plain ol' nice gesture gift.

I cut mine from 1/4" spalted maple and again used the off cut for a base, with some mild trimming and rounding over.

I might use this pattern to point out Scrollsaw Editing.  If you take a look at the pattern offered here, you will notice some differences between it and the final piece.  That's because as I was cutting I noticed that some pieces (like the lower beam of the star needed to be longer to give some support to the heart and the star (did this in a couple of places).  Also noticed that some of the letters could have better definition by cutting into the wood to suggest a part of the letter not shown -- adding detail.  I do these on the fly as I cut, that's why I call it editing or making beneficial changes as I go along.  Don't feel you have to cut my patterns exactly on the line.  Sometime a bit of personal imagination will make for a better piece.

Download this free PDF pattern

Baby Dino Play Toy Pattern

I'd like to introduce you to Baby Dino, a little creation for kids that came out of my head.  This is an easy project to make.  Actually I cut at 2x4 into a couple of 1ft sections and then sliced them down the middle to make 1/2" (roughly) thick blanks.  From these I cut out the pieces.  You'll see when you download the pattern.  I cut the body and head separately but I stack cut the legs and arms to speed things up.  I needed a spring for the head so I made one. If you are unfamiliar with how to make a spring, you can check out my fortune teller video on YouTube to see the technique

I attached the spring by leaving two long ends on either side and drilling corresponding holes in the head and body.  Put a drop of CA glue in each hole and inserted thee end of the spring.  Holds pretty good.  The pattern explains other changes I made.

Kids like dinosaurs and they will probably have fun coloring this one and helping you put it together.  The arms and legs are positionable and the head is a great bobber.  Download this free PDF pattern

Snake Pit Puzzle Pattern

This would best be done as a flat puzzle, probably from 1/4 - 1/2" birch ply.  It's a little bit complex and might make you dizzy, but it certainly is a challenge.  The snakes are actually the letter S from this font.  So give it a try if you are up to cutting something like this

Download this free PDF pattern






Yoga Table Sign Pattern

Yoga was introduced to America in the 18th century and was originally practiced as a form of healing.  Of course it has gone rampant today with just about everyone wanting to know what it is all about.

This sign as a little look of the mystique of yoga.  Would probably make a nice gift for someone who is really into the practice.  I cut mine from a piece of pine about 3/4" thick and used the off cut as a base, after a bit of trimming and sculpting.

There are two patterns in the pack here, one is a bit easier too cut, but both of them make a bold statement.

Download this free PDF pattern

Gong of the Ornament Pattern

Sorry about the pun, but I couldn't resist it.  I always liked that movie logo with the strongman hitting the gong with a giant mallet.  You can watch it on YouTube, if you don't know what I mean.

Well this gong won't ring out and it is decorated to be a table ornament.  I cut mine from a couple of different woods.  The frame was cut from alder and stained lightly.  The gong itself is cut from spalted maple.  The base if plain ol' pine painted a deep red.  I also put a backer on the gong and painted it the same color as the base, giving the whole project the feel of the ancient past.  I used some of that copper wire that is wrapped around those scroll saw blades when you buy a pack.  Makes a nice invisible hanger.   Makes a nice decoration for those into art of the orient. 

Download this free PDF pattern.

Graduation 2020 Three Pattern Table Sign

Even though graduation ceremonies might be cancelled or postponed this year due to the virus, you will want to give a congratulatory gift to your graduate, and maybe this sign could be part of the gift so that they can remember the momentous day and the glee from all their hard work.
I've included three patterns here. One for a male graduate, one for a female graduate and a dual for both.  Hope you find this helpful.

Download this free PDF set of patterns

Ukulele Tuning Table Sign Pattern

Great gift for the Ukulele player.  The ukulele has become quite popular of late: easy to carry, easy to learn to play.  Why not make a sign to help the player remember the four open strings in standard tuning GCEA.  The uke is often associated with Hawaii so I've added a nice big hibiscus flower to top it off.

Download this free PDF pattern

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