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This kit contains word processor files for worksheets, quizzes, tests, and projects for use with study of the Anglo-Saxon period in England.

Save yourself hours of work creating projects and tests for your classes.  Use our prepared assignments --they've all been tested in live classrooms -- and use your time for other more important work.  Everything from Beowulf to Chaucer.  See a list of the contents below
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Disk and/or Download Contents

Anglo-Saxon Assignments

Becket The Movie


Chaucer Assignments

Chaucer Picture Pilgrim Project

English Medieval Ballads

Vocabulary Tests

Letís Talk Saxon Project

Middle Ages Assignments

My Friendly Balladeer
This is a Windows PC program for students to tamper with
Lord Randal. Similar to Mad-Lib game. Installs on your

Pardonerís Tale Quizzes

Quiz for the poem

The Vikings Movie
Quiz and worksheet for the PBS film on the Vikings and
Early Anglo-Saxon life

The Wife of Bath Quiz
Quizzes for this Chaucer work

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