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Judi Gallant Lech
With a Bachelor's degree in history from the University of Massachusetts, a Master's degree in English from Westfield State, and extensive coursework in Latin and French, Judi Gallant Lech taught a variety of English, history and Latin courses during twenty-nine years in education. She now lives on Cape Cod, where she is a regional representative for the Massachusetts Teachers Association.  Judi has created and edited questions for Interactive Romeo and Juliet, the Romeo and Juliet Test Generator,  and the Tempest Test Generator.

Lawrence O'Brien
Lawrence O'Brien taught high school English for thirty- three years.  He developed the department's Advanced Placement course, taught journalism, and advised the award-winning high school newspaper.  He has since retired from public school teaching and has been teaching English at Western New England College for the past five years.  He is also the Editor of Common Ground Review poetry journal for the past eight years.  He currently resides in Westfield, MA.  Larry has created and edited questions for Interactive Hamlet, Interactive Macbeth, Interactive Great Expectations, Interactive Crime and Punishment, the Hamlet, Macbeth, Great Expectations, and Crime and Punishment Test Generators.

Lynda Abel
As a second career, Lynda Abel has been teaching for nine years.  She received a Bachelorís Degree in Education and English from Elms College and earned a mastersí Degree in English from Western New England College.  She currently teaches English and Journalism and is the newspaper advisor at East Longmeadow High School. She lives in West Springfield with her husband Michael.  Lynda has created and edited questions for Interactive Mice and Men, Interactive Night, Mice and Men Test Generator, Night Test Generator, the Crucible Test Generator, Kite Runner Test Generator and The Things They Carried Test Generator.

Jeff Corbin
Jeff has been helping us build a library of Social Studies Test Generators, even with his very busy schedule.  He is currently a Social Studies teacher at Agawam High School and is diligently working to bring you more material for your Social Studies classes.  Jeff has created and edited questions for the World War II Test Generator and the American Revolution and Constitution Test Generator.



Albert Baggetta
Al Baggetta graduated from American International College and taught English for thirty-six years in public school.  He took an interest in computers and saw the possibilities of using computer programs in his English classes to help students better understand what they were reading and to help the harried teacher to cut down on the immense workload all teachers encounter.  He has written the text and done the programming for most of the works on this site.  He is retired now and lives with his wonderful wife and partner, Beverly, in Agawam, Massachusetts.