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    Comma Knowledge is actually three programs in one that will help your students understand the basics of comma usage.  If used as a supplement to the regular class lessons, students will become involved with how commas can be imperative when it comes to presenting ideas clearly in their sentences and paragraphs.

     The first part of Comma Knowledge is called Comma Knowledge: Study.  Students should use this phase of the program to learn and study some of the basic rules of comma usage. 

    The second part of Comma Knowledge is called Comma Knowledge: Practice.  Here your students will get some real time practice using commas.  They are presented with fifty sentences that might or might not be correct -- they will have to decide.  In the process, they exercise the rules they learned in Comma Knowledge: Study

    This is a great program for slower students, especially if they work in pairs or small groups to solve the problems. 

    The third part of Comma Knowledge is for teachers.  Using this part of the program you can quickly generate short quizzes to test the studentsí work on the first two parts of the program. 


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