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Interactive Poetry
    Our Interactive Poetry programs have been designed to quickly interest your students in great works of classic poetry -- long and short.   Special features have been built into each program to allow for study over extended class periods.  If a student does not complete the questioning in one class, he can save his material and continue at another time. The students are required to answer questions as they read the work (in some cases the poem is on screen, but some programs require that a paper copy be available to use in conjunction with the program).  A preliminary reading and discussion in class or individual reading is helpful before taking on this task.  The format of our programs (questions and answers) makes them ideal for either study or testing purposes.  Unlike regular paper tests, our programs require an answer for each question before another question is given.  If a student answers incorrectly, the correct answer is revealed.  Entire test is scored on screen and allows for a print out for teacher and student (a report card).  There is an immediacy to reading which is not captured through traditional reading.  In addition you also save on paper and other classroom materials.  Questions and answers can be printed out by teachers for classroom planning.
    In the computer lab these programs can be great devices for cooperative learning, by grouping students around a machine to incite decision making.  They can also be used in a controlled environment as a test of reading knowledge -- individually or in groups.  These programs also make great tools when used as part of a Special Education curriculum, a home schooling plan, and ESL programs.

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Interactive Canterbury Tales (Prologue)

An interactive study guide or test for your students.  Covers the Prologue from the Canterbury Tales.

Interactive Wreck of the Hesperus

Interactive Raven
Interactive Emily Dickinson

This is an interactive study guide or test for Windows PC that covers selected popular poems by Emily Dickinson.

Shakespeare Sonnet Studies

Focus On Chaucer: Wife of Bath

An interactive study guide or test for your students.

Focus On Chaucer: Pardoner's Tale

An interactive study guide or test for your students.

Interactive Poetry Volume III

On screen study of popular classic poetry.  Buy individually or the whole package and save.

Interactive Poetry Volume II

On screen study of popular classic poetry.  Buy individually or the whole package and save.

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