Formerly Candybar Wrapper

Create Mini's, Rolo's, Savers, Pop Covers and more

It's here!  It's fast! And It's fun.  It's NEW!!!  It's what lots of people have been asking for.  Give us a simple-to-use, one purpose computer program that will do what we want it to -- quickly.


                                  Windows PC Only
    Baggetta_Ware has done just what you asked for.  With this vignette program you can quickly put together neat looking wrappers for standard candy bars, roll candies, gum packs, lollipops, etc.  Create personalized gifts, one-of-a-kind fund raiser projects, or special award treats.  Great for school, parties, clubs, and any group event.  Request the documentation for FREE (Version 3.0.0)  in Microsoft Word 97 

    The user interface is very friendly and intuitive and consists of four separate designer forms.  Here are the designers in progress.

eCandyWrapper gives you the freedom to create whirlwind wrapper displays with a few graphic images and the click of a button.  In a few minutes you will have a flashy wrapper to clothe your confections.

Here's a few other samples that we created with eCandyWrapper..

    All of these were created with eCandyWrapper and some of the FREE graphics included with the program.

You get these two additional products FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE eCandyWrapper 

PACKET POUCH -- use this handy program to create seed pouches for gift giving and fund raising.

LITERARY LICENSE PLATE  -- Have some fun creating decorative license plates for use as room decorations, locker ornamentations, fun projects.

BWCW    $29.99
After you make payment to Pay Pal you will be directed to a DOWNLOAD page. Be sure to click "RETURN TO MERCHANT OR RETURN TO BAGGETTA_WARE" after paying.

ORDER BY U. S. MAIL Full Version
#BWCW $35.00 
Order Form in Word format

ORDER FORM  in Adobe Acrobat .PDF (Reader Available Free from  Send your order to Baggetta_Ware, 177 Adams Street, Agawam, MA  01001.  Checks are Payable to Baggetta_Ware   PURCHASE ORDERS FROM SCHOOLS ARE ACCEPTED 
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