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Interactive Classroom Activity.  

As teachers we spend a awful lot of time trying to find innovative ways of grabbing the attention of our students.  At Baggetta_Ware we have found that computers and computer technology are great magnets of student attention.  It seems they just can't resist a beckoning computer.  So, with the advent of computer technology in many classrooms and labs today, we decided to draw upon this powerful source.  On this page you will like to some of our more popular programs that help in the teaching of English, either as a primary language or as a secondary language.  Some of these activities are self-contained lesson plans and others are devices for teachers to use when presenting language projects.  Take a browse through our leads below and then visit each page to get a better view of each program and its purpose.

3 - D Literary Boxes

Nice project software.  Have students make fancy mini-boxes on literary themes using images and text.  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher required.

eCandybar Wrapper

Create custom wrappers for candybars, gum, rolo, soap, etc.  Great for special theme projects, gifts, fundraisers.

Making Fun of Grammar for Windows PC

Students will get hooked on playing these educational practices for English grammar.  Great for ESL and Home Schooling.

Mapping the Mockingbird for Windows PC

Use this one-of-a-kind database tracking system to get your students to plot out the setting and story of To Kill A Mockingbird  Includes a map project and several peripheral projects on the novel.
Student Assistant for Windows PC

Helps students to check written essays for common grammatical and usage errors.
Analogy Volume I for Windows PC

Sharpen the minds of your students using this software.  Watch out for Rodney, though.  He can be a real pain in the neck, but lots of fun.
Focus Corrector for Windows PC

Let the computer do the heavy work when it comes to correcting student essays.  Focus Corrector lets your students find the problems.  Lightens teacher correcting.

Help Me With My Roman Numerals for Windows PC
Comma Knowledge for Windows PC

Help for students having problems understanding comma usage.  Great three stage program that let's your students practice comma knowledge.


Grammar Toys -- Grammar and Usage Trainer.

Fun little programs to inspire your students to study English Grammar and Usage.











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