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Includes FREE BONUS program
Now on one CD or in one complete download get all of these fantastic little programs that will introduce and help your students to better grammar and usage.

Analogy Trainer,
Antonym Recall, Synonym Sleuth, and Goofing or Proofing have three features that makes them important tools in the English language arts arsenal:

Here's how they do this.

Analogy Trainer offers the student a word analogy -- you know the typical
 word combination found in those infamous SAT's. The student must think 
it through and then make the correct connection from three choices offered. 
If he fails, he tries again with another analogy. If he succeeds, he goes on 
to the play part of the program. The program offers the player the chance 
to guess at a number "it" is "thinking" of -- from 0 to 9. If the player gets 
the number correct, he gets a chip and goes back to scrutinizing another
 analogy. If the player collects five chips, he is awarded one extra credit 
point, which the teacher may award in any way he sees fit. Students are
 encouraged to go back and play some more, so that they can collect 
more extra credit points. The game has a cap of 10 points -- so the 
ambitious student cannot break the bank.  The program comes with a 
module of 44 analogies, but more can be added by using other module 
files which you can create or order directly from us, ready to go.

Antonym Recall works the same way, only students get to practice and recognize useful antonyms.  The program comes with a module of 60 antonyms, but more can be added by using other module files which you can create or order directly from us, ready to go.

Synonym Sleuth works the same as the above two programs, only students get to practice Neymar 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys Thiago Silva Brazil Home Yellow Soccer Jerseys Thiago Silva Brazil Away Blue Soccer Jerseys Thiago Silva 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys 2014 World Cup Thiago Silva Home Yellow Jerseys michael carrick #17 2014 World Cup Soccer Jerseys 2014 World Cup michael carrick Home White Jerseys michael carrick England Away Red Soccer Jerseys cheap oakley sunglasses oakley outlet louis vuitton outlet and recognize useful synonyms.  The program comes with a module of 40 synonyms, but more can be added by using other module files which you can create or order directly from us, ready to go.

Goofing or Proofing is a bit different in play.  The student is given a sentence he must proofread (ever notice how carefully your students read?), looking for an error somewhere.  The set of 26 sentences that comes with the program all have common spelling errors in them.  He can fix the error by retyping the misspelled word correctly in the text box. If he is correct he scores and gets a chance at extra credit.  You can create your own modules to use with the program to emphasize spelling, punctuation, grammar, or whatever. 
Grammar Toys㼯sup>
"Practice Makes Perfect"  -- Ever hear of that one before.  It's an old saw that use to be used in schools a long time ago.  It still works today.  If you want your students to learn their grammar they have to practice their grammar.  At Baggetta_Ware we believe that studying grammar should be fun, so we have developed a series of programs we call Grammar Toys㼯sup>.  Let your students loose on these tempting tinkertoys and they will slowly but surely come to an understanding of the basic concepts of writing and speaking.  We have tried to inject a bit of personal humor in the programs and little emphasis is placed on a grade (although one is displayed at the end of the practice).  
S ---

These programs have been designed to coordinate with your classroom lessons.  Introduce your topic as usual in class and have the student practice from their grammar books until they feel confident.  Then let them loose on the computer to help them hone their skills.  These little programs are great eye-openers for the kids because the computer does not take any guff and it is unrelenting when it comes to practice and evaluation.

Noun Detection   
Easy practice for your students to help them to tell the difference
between CONCRETE and ABSTRACT nouns.  Fun drill part of our
Grammar Toys
㼯sup>  series 
Noun Detection Compound Nouns    
Easy practice for your students to help them to tell the difference 
between COMPOUND and REGULAR nouns.  Fun drill part of our 
Grammar Toys
㼯sup>  series --

Pro-Noun Detection -- Antecedents  
Some students need the practice in identifying PRONOUNS and their
ANTECEDENTS.  That's what Pro-Noun Detection -- Antecedents 
does.  Students are given a sentence in which they have to pick both
pronoun and antecedent from the sentence displayed.  Fun drill part of our 
Grammar Toys
㼯sup>  series --

Verb Detection -- Active Passive Voice  
This one is a real problem for most students, but this GrammarToy
will help your students master the feel for ACTIVE and PASSIVE

Verb Detection -- Transitive Intransitive  
Next to ACTIVE and PASSIVE line in difficulty of understanding 
is TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE verbs.  This GrammarToy
will help your students master the feel for TRANSITIVE and

Verb Detection -- Linking Action Verbs
This is another stumper for kids -- the difference between ACTION 
and LINKING verbs.  This GrammarToy
will help your students 
master the feel for ACTION and LINKING verbs.

A Case of Pronouns 
Using proper CASE is important to writing and speaking correctly.  This
will help your students practice using pronoun cases
effectively.  It is a little different from the other toys in that the student must
take a phrase given by the program and use it properly in the sentence, 
according to the clue given.  The program checks to see that the answer is
in sentence form, proper capitalization at the start of the sentence, proper
punctuation at the end, and if the student is trying to fudge on detailed 
sentence building.  No score is given, but all of the 10 sentences created
by the student will be printed (on screen if you don't have a printer).  The
teacher can quickly check the sentences to see if the student has been
doing his job and issue a grade accordingly.

When you order this CD or download you will also receive FREE as part of the package our Making Fun of Clauses for Windows PC The same program we offer independently on our website.  An $8.00 value absolutely FREE

SAVE!  Order through PayPal and download directly to your machine.

After you make payment through PayPal you will be directed to a page from which you may immediately download the program installation to your Windows PC. If you encounter any problems please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

$24.00  (Print Out This Convenient Order Blank) -- FREE SHIPPING
Order Form Word 97

ORDER FORM is in .rtf which will open in all word processors. Please use this to order or send your order to Baggetta_Ware, 177 Adams Street, Agawam, MA  01001.  Checks are Payable to Baggetta_Ware   PURCHASE ORDERS FROM SCHOOLS ARE ACCEPTED 

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