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Windows Pocket PC Software. 

Portability and wireless are the buzzwords today in computer technology and they are fast becoming the focal point of modern educational software.  We saw the oncoming of this so at Baggetta_Ware we have been among the frontrunners to develop software that teachers and students can use.  Teachers will benefit by cutting their workload and students will benefit by having new ways of interacting with teachers and school curriculum.  Browse our catalog of management and classroom software below, and see if you can't find something that will peak your interest.


Tracker PPC

Windows Pocket PC Software

Daily attendance will always be with
teachers.  Here's a handy portable way
of keeping track of who's there and who is
not.  Use for classroom attendance, club
meetings, business gatherings, etc.                        


The Portable Lesson
Planner PPC

Windows Pocket PC Software

Paper lesson plans are a thing of the
past.  Now you can carry, create, and edit plans
on the run with your Pocket PC.  Lots of other
features included.


Making Fun of Grammar Series
Windows Pocket PC Software
Put new life into grammar and usage study.  Our fun programs simulate your students to interact with their Pocket PC and make learning fun.  The quiz-game process forces your students to learn about proper use of parts of speech and parts of the sentence.  Order one or get the whole series and save.


Oral Rubric PPC
Windows Pocket PC Software

Use your Pocket PC to evaluate oral reports, presentations, dramatic skits, etc.  Includes FREE Windows PC version for editing.