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Here's a few comments from some of our customers:

Attendance Tracker Upgrade

“Many thanks this download solved my problems, merry Christmas”  Mike -- Email

—Student Visit Installation

“THANK YOU!!!!!!! I did this first thing this morning and so far it is doing great.  I really appreciate all the help you gave me.”  Karen - email

—Lesson Planner

“I really like the software and would like to continue using it in my classroom.”  Mark -- email

—”I just bought two of your programs after using the wonderful demos that you provided.  The two programs that I purchased were Instant Lesson Planner 200 Plus and the Portable Planner for my pocket PC”
Aaron - Indiana

—"I am super keen to begin testing this application before school resumes"  Anna - Australia

—"Once again, this software has proved invaluable to me..."  Nigel -- United Kingdom

—My students find it fascinating that I take my class roll using my PDA instead of a traditional paper roll like the rest of the teachers."  Robyn -- Australia

—"Al Baggetta, writer of this series [Making Fun of Grammar], is sure to be given praise from parents and English enthusiasts looking to learn their parts of speech."  PC PowerPlay

—”I am cooking with gas now.”  Carolyn — USA

—“Hey,,by the way, thank you for answering back in person...I’m impressed!!” Cheryl -- USA

—“...thanks for your help....your program is great by the students hate the fact I had all attendance info at my is a wonderful program”   Len — USA

—”Al, I really appreciate the EXCELLENT and super speedy service.  The program works perfectly!” —Jesse — USA

Student Assignments

"I love this program and use it extensively. Each day before I leave, I type in what we did that day, print it out, and put it in the make-up work notebook, which every absent student checks when he/she returns to my class. It has saved me from having to remember what we did each day in any given class to tell a student who has been absent for several days. Also, students don't bother me--they just go straight to the book and write down their missed assignments. This is one program I wouldn't want to do without!"  -- Joanne