Sherlock Holmes Project Patterns (Download Immediately)

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All of these wooden signs can be purchased at my Etsy store while they last.  Custom signs may also be requested there.

221B Baker Street Sign Pattern

This sign identifies the famous residence of Sherlock Holmes.  Cut from 1/2" maple, this sign sits on a custom base of maple as well.  You can use just about any wood to make your own.

Pattern Price: $3.50

221B Baker Street w/Hansom Sign Pattern

You can almost hear the hooves of the horse clicking on the pavement of this Sherlock Holmes Street Sign.  I cut two of these, one from birch and one from walnut.  Each has its own custom base improvised from birch.
Pattern Price: $3.50

A Study In Scarlet Sign Pattern

A classic sign for a classic story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -- A Study In Scarlet.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and mounted it on a base of aspen -- dyed a deep red color.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Hound of the Baskervilles Sign Pattern

The evil hound is captures at the top of this title sign -- one of Sherlock Holmes' most popular adventures.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch and mounted it on a sliver of walnut, placed on a 3/4" aspen base painted satin black.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Sherlock Holmes Name Sign Pattern

This is a name sign for one of literature's most popular detectives, Sherlock Holmes.  I cut two of these, one from 1/2" birch and the other from 1/2" walnut.  Both are mounted on 1/2" bases custom cut.
Pattern Price: $3.50

Elementary Sign Pattern

Elementary is a word often associated with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and also misconstrued.  I cut my sign from 1/2" birch and mounted it on a birch custom cut base.
Pattern Price: $3.50


The Sherlock Holmes Sign Collection

This is a collection of patterns offered on this page as one package.  You get the 221B Baker Street (Pipe) sign, 221B Baker Street (Hansom) sign, Study In Scarlet sign, Hound of the Baskervilles sign, Sherlock Holmes Name sign, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Name sign.  All for the neat package price of $12.00 -- a savings of $9.00 over individual purchases.
Collection Price: $12.00


The Game Is Afoot Stand Up Sign Pattern

Another sign for the famous detective.  Notice the crown and the head of Sherlock.  The quote is associated with Holmes, but is actually from Shakespeare's Henry V, hence the crown.

Pattern Price: $3.50

221B Sherlock Holmes Address Sign Pattern

This sign makes a nice wall or table display and it can even be used as a key rack.  I cut mine from 3/4" aspen and painted it with a flat black.

Special Free Pattern
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