Creatures Puzzle and Project Patterns (Download Immediately)

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Bear Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Easy puzzle for kids.  Try and put this bear together.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Camel Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Another fun puzzle for kids.  Easy to cut, easy to put together.

Pattern Price: $3.50


Elephant Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Cut this creature for one of your children.  Makes a nice gift.  Easy to put together.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Funny Bunny Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Your kids will love assembling this easy bunny puzzle.  Makes a nice gift.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Horse Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

This horse is feeding in the field and just waiting for some youngster to put him together.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Piggy Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Here's a happy little pig just waiting to be assembled by your child.  Click here to download the Piggy Pattern JPG.

Pattern Price: FREE
Rooster Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Here's a plucky rooster puzzle waiting to be put together.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Squirrel Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Here's a nutty little squirrel.  Any child would be glad to try putting this puzzle together.

Pattern Price:  $3.50

Whale Stand Up Puzzle Pattern 

Some child will have a whale of a time putting this simple puzzle together.

Pattern Price: $3.50

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