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The Way The Truth The Life Sign Pattern

I cut my sign from 3/4" poplar and water stained it with a brown stain.  Makes a nice gift.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Country Church Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

I cut my country church with cross in front middle from 3/4" pine and left unfinished.

Price: $3.50

Christening Butterfly Cross

I had a request to make a baptismal cross.  Since the little girl liked butterflies I added them to the cross along with her name and the date.  I cut mine from cherry with walnut for a base.  Added a candle for a nice touch.

Download My Cross Pattern With Name Madalyn and Butterflies JPG
Download My Cross Pattern With Name Mia and Leaf Cuts JPG
Download Cross with No Name or Date for Personalizing JPG
Download Base Pattern

Pattern Price: Free
Praying Cowboy Stand Up Ornament Pattern

Originally an outdoor ornament from metal, I converted it to a small desktop ornament.  I cut mine from 3/4" Aspen.

Download Pattern JPG
Pattern Price:  Free
The Lord's Prayer Sign Pattern Package

Get two sign patterns for the price of one.  Package includes a stand up sign pattern and a 14" wall pattern.  I cut my wall pattern from birch plywood and painted it black and the desktop version was cut from a variegated wood I made by gluing assorted scraps together.

Package Price: $3.50

First Communion Tabletop Sign Pattern

This petite sign makes a nice gift for the occasion.  I cut mine from 1/2" mahogany.  Instead of the "t" in the word "First" I substituted an nice cross which makes the project really impressive and then mounted it on a free-form custom base.

Pattern Price: $3.50
First Communion Cross Pattern

This dynamic cross is really stunning when cut from nice woods.  I cut mine from 3/4" cypress for the cross and then I cut the wording and numbers from 1/2" walnut.  The wording and number cuts are then glued to the front of the cross in any location that is pleasing to you.  I cut a rectangular base of walnut to mount the finished cross on. 

Download the pattern for free from here.
God Bless Sign Pattern

This beautiful sign says it all.  Makes a nice gift and a great display for a tabletop.


Download the pattern for free from here

Miracles Happen Sign Pattern

Cut this from 1/2" wood and it makes a great gift for a friend.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Power of Prayer Sign Pattern

Cut this from 1/2" wood and it makes a great gift for a friend.  Nice compliment to the other sign patterns.

Pattern Price: $3.50
The Lord Is My Shepherd Sign Pattern

This well-known phrase makes for a nice display.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Protected By Angels Sign Pattern

Cut this for a friend.  I cut mine from 1/2" recycled pine and mounted it  on a custom cut 1/2" base.

Pattern Price: $3.50

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