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All the patterns here are representative of sayings, articles, and assorted paraphernalia associated with the Old West.

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Wagon Train Wheel Stand Up Sign Pattern 

For western fans who love the old wagons of the past this makes a nice conversation piece for a desk or shelf in the office or at home.  I cut mine from cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Colt 45 Stand Up Sign Pattern

This pattern reminds us of the famous gun from the old west, the Colt 45.  Mine was cut from cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Gunsmoke and Hat Stand Up Sign Pattern

After many a shootout the air was filled with gunsmoke and this pattern captures the idea.  Mine was cut from cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Lawman and Badge Stand Up Sign Pattern

He was the law and he was known as the lawman in the old west -- a force to be reckoned with.  This pattern is topped with a badge outline in wood.  I cut mine from a composite glue up of wood scraps.  Makes a nice desk ornament.
Pattern Price: $3.50

Rawhide and Long Horns Stand Up Sign Pattern

The skins of cattle served as protection for the early pioneers an this rawhide sign captures the essence of the time.  I cut mine from maple and cherry.
Pattern Price: $3.50

The Rifleman and Rifle Stand Up Sign Pattern

The rifle was a way of life in the early west and so was rifleman who was expert at using it.  I cut this pattern from cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50

The Virginian and Cactus Stand Up Sign

People from various states became significant in the old west and this pattern represents the strong people of Virginia.  I cut mine from poplar.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Pony Express Stand Up Sign

The old west wouldn't be the same without the Pony Express, captured in this pattern.  Mine was cut from birch.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Broken Arrow Stand Up Sign

The sign of the arrow was a powerful force in the old west as symbolized by this pattern.
I cut mine from poplar with a nice grain and made the base from a piece of cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Longhorns Stand Up Sign

The old west is known for its cattle and one of the most famous of the breeds is the Longhorn, represented by this desktop sign.  In my cut I used pine for the name and horns and a combination of glued walnut with a pedestal cut for the base.
Pattern Price: $3.50
The OK Corral Stand Up Sign

Once of the most famous gunfights of all time is represented in this desktop sign.  The OK Corral along with two six shooters.  Mine is cut from cherry.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Stagecoach West Stand Up Sign

This sign represents the hard and laborious journey made by the classic stagecoach on its journey westward.  I cut mine from birch.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Boothill Saloon Stand Up Sign

What would the old west be with out the ever present saloon.  Here's one of the classics represented in cherry.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Bronco Stand Up Sign

One of the fun activities from the old west was busting the bucking bronco.  Still popular in today's rodeos.  Here's it is represented in birch

Pattern Price: $3.50
Wanted: Dead Or Alive Stand Up Sign

Many an old west poster touted these lines, now cut from pine and stained a cherry red in my work.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Ghost Town Stand Up Sign

Many ghost towns still exist in the west and this sign is in recognition of them.  Cut from a composite of different woods glued together and placed on a section from an old gun stock.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Cactus Man Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

I cut my puzzle from 3/4" pine.  It can be left unstained or painted, like mine.  Just add some eyes.

Price: $3.50

Covered Wagon Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

This puzzle commemorates the covered wagon of the old west and it's importance in populating our country. This can be cut from any wood you have handy, but I decided to use 3/4" pine (becoming my favorite with no knots), and left it unfinished for now.

Price: $3.50

Cowboy Boot Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

The early cowboy was always represented with his boots on.  Here's a nice puzzle pattern for some mental fun. I cut my boot from 3/4" Alder and left it unfinished. 

Price: $3.50

Colt 45 Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

The gun that helped win the west.  This great gun was cut from Aspen and shellacked.  Makes a nice desktop ornament or fun puzzle.

Price: $3.50

Ten Gallon Hat Stand Up Puzzle Pattern

This trademark hat is cut from pine and left unfinished.  Nice desktop ornament or fun puzzle to play with

Price: $3.50

End of the Trail Sign Puzzle

A western or American Indian fan would love to have this sitting on their desk.  I cut mine from 1/2" pine and then mounted it on a 1/2" custom cut base of padauk.

Pattern Price: $3.50

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Wyatt Earp Stand Up Sign

One of my favorite lawmen of the old west.  I cut my sign from 1/2" maple and mounted it on a stressed and figured 3/4" base of maple.

Pattern Price:  $3.50

Colt .45 Replica Pattern

In this pattern I've tried to create an artistic replica of the legendary Colt .45.  The pattern is set to print on legal sized paper 8.5 x 14"  Most printers can handle this.  If you remove the paper from the standard tray and feed in one legal at a time you can usually print ok.  That's the way I fool my printer.  I cut my Colts from a mix of woods (walnut, birch, maple, etc.).  The base is simply a rectangle cut for the bottom and the front holder.  Round over the edges of everything on a router or sand down and the piece comes out pretty nice.  I have several pictures below to show the results.    Really easy to cut.  Once you make one you will want to make more.

Pattern Price:  $3.50


Wyatt Earp Buntline Special Replica

Here's a variation with some changes from the Colt .45 pattern.  The barrel on the Buntline was longer than the Colt and I've made some changes in the chambers and underlying barrel enhancement. This fun piece makes a nice display for the gun collector.

Pattern Price: $3.50
Good Shot Pete Desktop Sign Pattern

This pattern makes a nice fun piece for a desk or shelf.  I cut mine from Peruvian walnut and mounted it on a rectangular base of cherry.  Give it a try.

FREE:  Download JPG file Here

Morgan Virgil Wyatt and Doc Desktop Sign Pattern

This is for western fans who are gripped by the OK Corral.  I cut mine from cherry and mounted it on a double base of walnut and maple, custom improvised cut.

Pattern Price:  $3.50

Boots and Saddles  Sign Pattern

This is a slogan from the old west.  I cut mine from 1/2" maple and mounted it on a custom improvised base of 1/2" maple.

Pattern Price: $3.50

Wild West Sign Pattern

Friends of the old west will enjoy this slogan with a flying lariat attached.  I cut mine from 1/2" maple and mounted on 3/4" walnut base.

Pattern Price:  $3.50
Dodge City 1872  Stand Up Sign Pattern

Cut this eye-catching sign for one of the most famous western town and you are sure to grab a lot of attention.  I cut mine from 1/2" poplar and painted it black and then mounted it on a 3/4" piece of white aspen.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Special Western Sign Pattern Collection

This is a collection of six full size patterns of typical signs found in the old west: Sheriff's Office, General Store, Gunsmith, Jail, Trading Post, Telegraph Office.  Also included is a western horseshoe pattern with a nice scene framed.  This is included free with the six patterns.  All of them can be printed on 8 1/2" x 11 sheets for cutting.

Pattern Package Price: $3.50

Deadwood Saloon Stand Up Sign Pattern

Great western table ornament.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and mounted it on a custom cut pine base.
Pattern Price: $3.50

Santa Fe Blacksmith Stand Up Sign Pattern

Another nice table ornament.  Cut mine same as the Deadwood sign above.
Pattern Price: $3.50
Mini Cowboy Figure Pattern

These fun little cowboys make nice play things for youngsters.  I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and mount them on 1/4" birch ply rectangles with a few drops of glue.  They can be painted and decorated for some unique western ornaments.  Pattern has 8 figures on it for multiple cuts.  You can also speed up the cutting by stack cutting.  FREE download.

Download Mini-Cowboy Pattern in JPG format

Mini Cowboy Hat Pattern

I cut mine from 1/4" birch ply and used it several ways.  Made a stand up ornament, a wall plaque ornament, and even used it on the backing of a Colt 45 key rack.  I used the Colt 45 pattern I have available to make the gun from cypress wood.
Download this pattern for free
Western Sign Group Patterns

Get this set of nice western signs at a bargain price.  Each is based on an old television Show.  If you are as old as I am you should have no difficulty identifying them.

Western Sign Group Price: $5.50
Bat Masterson Sign Pattern

Name of the can swinging, fancy bowler had wearing gunslinger.  I cut mine from cypress and mounted it on a base of ambrosia maple.

Sign Pattern Price: $3.50
Frontier Justice Sign Pattern

The bullet logo says it all in this sign from the old west.  I cut mine from cypress and mounted it on a custom cut base of ambrosia maple.

Sign Pattern Price: $3.50
Gunslinger Sign Pattern

Out of the old west the title "Gunslinger" brought shudders to the bravest of cowboys.  I cut my sign from 1/2" mahogany and cut a custom base to match.
Sign Pattern Price: $3.50
Jesse James Sign Pattern

Here's a symbolic sign for the most infamous of gun totin' bank robber from the old west.  I cut mine from 1/2" birch ply and mounted it on a mahogany base.

Sign Pattern Price: $3.50
Women of the West Sign Pattern Pack

Get this nice pack of neat signs commemorating famous women of the wild west.  There are four patterns in the pack and each makes a stunning display when cut from nice woods.

Women Of The West Pack Price: $5.50


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