Baggetta_Ware has been awarded Technology & Learning Magazine the Teacher of the Year from Massachusetts (1998) and Massachusetts Software Council Above and Beyond award

At Baggetta_Ware we try to make our software as easy to use as possible, for teachers and students.  Teachers should be aware that with any new project there is a learning curve, and some people take this curve more easily than others.  When you are working with a group of students using computers and software, there is a lot of activity going on, so teachers and students alike should know how to work with the equipment and software thoroughly.  We advise teachers to make sure they run any software beforehand and learn the basics fully.  We will gladly help you with our products, if you contact us via email below.  Students should be thoroughly introduced to the software as well, before it is actually used for statistical determinations.  Again, we will be glad to help with any problems you encounter.  Just drop us a line at the email addresses below.

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I'm the one standing up, and the fellow sitting in the background is one of our affiliate writers who willingly jumped in to help out for the day, Mr. Larry O'Brien.  He's the genius behind the questions and answers for Interactive Hamlet.


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