Site Licensing of Baggetta_Ware Software

Getting a site license has just become a lot easier at Baggetta_Ware.  Take a look at our all-purpose 20% plan.

20% Discount Site License Policy

If you plan on using our software on more than one machine, we have a 20% discount policy which will save you lots of money.   Using the chart below you can easily calculate the cost of the software you want to purchase from Baggetta_Ware

Our site license includes the following:

Please provide the following information with your purchase order or check

Name of school
Address of school
School contact
Contact phone number
Product desired
Number of copies (installations) desired

Generally, here’s how the plan works. 

Example:  Our Literary Test Generator programs sell for 24.99 on CD.  Quantity prices are as follows.

1 – 5   Copies           $24.99

6 – 12 Copies           $19.99

13 – 20 Copies         $15.99

21 + Copies               $12.79

Licenses cannot be purchased on line.  If you would like to purchase a license or have further questions or have special considerations we should know about, please email me at

Thank you

Al Baggetta
Teacher Tech