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Many students don't turn out good writing because they are simply too lazy to go back over their work and check for errors.  In fact, even if they did go over their work, they probably would have difficulty discovering errors because they are 'too close' to the work to be objective, and they probably would overlook some of the most obvious problems that could occur.  Enter....Student Assistant.  This compact piece of software can be used by writing students to check for some of those obvious errors that bring a piece of writing to its knees.  

Use this in your lab or in your class room (or even have the kids take it home to use on their own Windows PC's), and they will have a ball examining their work and discovering those hidden errors.  They can fix them up, print out a nice copy of the final work and watch their writing skill climb upward.

Student Assistant is not going to do the work for the students, but it will give them a fighting chance to improve their writing, if they are really sincere.  Get the documentation (Adobe Reader PDF) here on line to find out all about this innovative program (there's too much to describe here in a few words) and then order the program below and see if you don't agree that this program will give your students a different way to look at their writing.

Be sure to check out our FOCUS CORRECTOR.  Set up a plan and you will never have to correct essays again.  Let the computer and the students do all the work.  Use along with Student Assistant to build a powerful writing plan.

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