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Literary Teacher Test and Study Kits      

Save yourself hours of research and prep time with our unique teacher kits.  Kits offer pre-made tests (with answers -- could also be used as study guides), quick links to dozens of sites by topic, projects, and/or computer programming material.  Read the descriptions and get more details by clicking the images below.

Arthurian Legend Teacher Kit

Anglo-Saxon Medieval Literature Kit

Projects and quizzes on this popular segment of English literature and history.

The Raven Teacher Kit

Teacher Hamlet Test Kit

Nathaniel Hawthorne Literary Kit

The Robert Browning Literary Kit

Herman Melville and Moby Dick Kit

Charles Dickens Tale of Two Cities Kit

Windows PC Plagiarism Kit

Planning a research project or paper?  Use this rapid crawling program to flash through the internet to look for suspicious phrases in your students' papers.  Catch cheaters in the act.

Shakespearean Actors Senior Multimedia Research Project

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