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The Crucible
is a 1952 play by Arthur Miller. Based on the events surrounding the 1692 witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts, Miller used that event as an allegory for McCarthyism and the Red Scare, which was a period of time in which Americans were in fear of communism and the government blacklisted accused communists. The Red Scare occurred in the United States in the 1950s. Miller himself was questioned by the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1956. The play was first performed on Broadway on January 22, 1953. The reviews of the first production were hostile, but a year later a new production succeeded and the play became a classic. Today the play is often studied in high schools and universities, both because of its status as a revolutionary work of theatre and as a document to political events of the 1950s.

   You can use our Crucible Test Generator to encourage your students to read this work by creating various random worksheets for each of your classes.  Students enjoy reading a long work like this if they have questions that will guide them in their reading.  You can also use the program to generate daily quizzes on each section of the books and chapters of this work.  Daily testing will keep your students aware of the fact that you are watching them read.

   The Crucible Test Generator has a built in database of over 200 questions and answers created by our writer, Lynda Abel.  You can use them any way you like by creating tests sequentially, randomly, or selectively.  You can also add questions and answers to the database by creating your own mini-databases of your questions and answers and then Importing them into the program -- adding to the overall mix.  The Crucible Test Generator will also allow you to generate some fun search puzzles based on the characters in the story.

        Database contains questions for the entire play organized by Acts and Vocabulary plus.  When you create
        tests or worksheets the program will generate various groups of questions according to your
        specifications.  Each group of questions will also be accompanied by a teacher answer key.

   Using the test generator you can create tests from this database in sequential, random, or selected order.  The program interface makes this very easy.  In addition you can also create questions of your own using our on-board Question Editor and easily add them to the mix.  The formatting of the tests makes them ideal to be used as worksheets, as well.  You can also create word search puzzles using the built-in puzzle generator.

   Version 3.2.0 now contains better printing facilities, a revision of questions, and a built-in Multiple Choice Test Maker, making the program more flexible and more powerful.

    All sheets produced with the Crucible Test Generator are accompanied by teacher answer keys.  Using the program will cut your prep time considerably and will allow you to give tests as often as you like without the worry of possible cheating from previous tests issued.

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